Disney baking – Mickey cookie recipe

Ingredients: Unsalted butter - 200gCaster sugar - 200gPlain flour - 400g1 eggChocolate - I used dairy milk bars 200g each Sprinkles (optional) Step 1 - Place the sugar and the butter in a bowl and whisk together until creamy Step 2 - Beat the egg and add it to the bowl of the sugar and … Continue reading Disney baking – Mickey cookie recipe

Top 3 Restaurants in Disneyland Paris

This blog post will be focused on the eating places in Disney Village. I haven't been to all the restaurants in Disney Village (mostly because i'm a fussy eater so i'm limited to where i can eat) Therefore, my top 3 may be different to what other people think depending on if they have visited … Continue reading Top 3 Restaurants in Disneyland Paris