WDW Prep 20 – Hollywood Studios Food

Hollywood Studios could possibly be the park I’m most excited to eat in...granted it isn’t going to be possible to eat in all the restaurants I’d like to because we also have other things to do instead of visit this park every day haha! So I’m pretty excited to write this blog post considering my … Continue reading WDW Prep 20 – Hollywood Studios Food

Why should you go to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is a MUCH smaller Disney park compared to the others around the world. I have only ever visited Disneyland Paris and people love to tell me how I won’t be able to cope with the size difference of Walt Disney World when I visit there next year. I believe its going to be … Continue reading Why should you go to Disneyland Paris?

Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

The 2 previous times that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris, I have stayed for 4 nights and had 5 days in the parks. However, was this long enough or even potentially too long? You may be thinking to yourself ‘how can that possibly be too long to spend time in Disney’. I get you; I’d love … Continue reading Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

My thoughts on Disney Village (Disneyland Paris)

The Disney Village is the Paris version of Disney Springs, however much much smaller. Disney Village is filled with restaurants and shops including McDonald's, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe. Shops include the World of Disney, The Lego Store, Disney Fashion and a few more! There is also the Buffalo Bill's Wild West … Continue reading My thoughts on Disney Village (Disneyland Paris)

Disney VS Alton Towers

Recently I visited Alton Towers (a theme park in the UK) and I thought to do a comparison between Disney and Alton Towers. The theme: Disney obviously has a theme of Disney within the parks and has different themes throughout the parks, such as Toy Story and Star Wars. I love this about Disney because … Continue reading Disney VS Alton Towers

Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

With the recent release of two new Disney films, I was straight to the cinema to see them. Here's what I thought about the films... Toy Story 4: I grew up with the Toy Story films and therefore they have a special place in my childhood heart. I had toys of the characters and it … Continue reading Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Yesterday I went to the cinema and saw Spider-Man Far From Home. My likeness for Marvel has grown massively very quickly, mostly due to my boyfriend loving the films. I had seen some of the films before, however, I have made my way through many of them and only have a few left to watch! … Continue reading Spider-Man: Far From Home Review