Another Disney Q&A

I love doing these blog posts so I thought since it’s a new year let’s answer some more Disney questions! Favourite ride in Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park? Ah, this is quite a tough one since I love Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller and Crush Coaster...I think I’ll have to say Rock n … Continue reading Another Disney Q&A

Disney Q and A

Hey, here's a quick Disney tag question and answer! I picked some questions from Google and here are my answers! Favourite Disney movie? Hard one but probably Tangled! What type of Disney item do you collect the most? Granted my boyfriend and I have only been twice together, but we have started collecting the year … Continue reading Disney Q and A

Q and A about me!

1. What is your full name? Georgia Terry 2. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? Lauren 3. Where are you from? Essex 4. What are your best characteristics? I’d say around people I’m pretty positive and a funny person to be with 5. What is your biggest … Continue reading Q and A about me!