Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

The 2 previous times that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris, I have stayed for 4 nights and had 5 days in the parks. However, was this long enough or even potentially too long? You may be thinking to yourself ‘how can that possibly be too long to spend time in Disney’. I get you; I’d love … Continue reading Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

My experience with Magic Breaks

My previous Disneyland Paris trip was booked through Magic Breaks. I had heard about Magic Breaks for a while but never fully investigated it and plus, I am someone who worries about whether its completely safe and therefore, I’d rather book through the Disney website since it’s 100% legit. I spoke on the live chat … Continue reading My experience with Magic Breaks

Summer vs Winter at Disneyland Paris

I have now visited Disneyland Paris in July and February, summer and winter months. Is there a better season? Personally, I am someone who loves the sun and heat and I'm defo in a better mood when I can wear light clothes with my legs out and praying to get some sort of tan! When … Continue reading Summer vs Winter at Disneyland Paris

Trip to Budapest

From Tuesday the 2nd of April to Thursday the 4th of April, my boyfriend and I visited Budapest. Budapest has become a must more popular place to visit in the past few years and I understand why! Just to start off this blog with a joyful (very sarcastic comment) beginning...a little story to tell you … Continue reading Trip to Budapest

Disney Santa Fe VS Disney Cheyenne

What hotel is better? I stayed in Disneyland's Hotel Santa Fe in July 2017 and Hotel Cheyenne in February 2019. Personally for me, i think its very tough in deciding what hotel is better. Theme:I prefer the Cheyenne theme (cowboys and Toy Story), only really because I'm more interested in Toy Story than Cars. Although, … Continue reading Disney Santa Fe VS Disney Cheyenne

Disneyland Paris in February

So, I've just got back from the most amazing time in Disneyland Paris with my partner. We went from the 12th-16th of February just before half term started. Weather wise, we were super lucky! With a place like Disney that involves rides and a lot of walking, you want the weather to be acceptable - … Continue reading Disneyland Paris in February