Onward Film Review

After missing out on watching Onward in the cinema, it was finally added to Disney+ and myself and Joe had to watch it as soon as! Personally, just from the trailer, I wasn't sure if this film was going to be my cup of tea. How I was so wrong!!!! I was gripped throughout the … Continue reading Onward Film Review

Is Disney+ worth it?

Even though Disney+ has only been available in the U.K. for the last 2 days, I can already say that it is worth the price!!! The price is cheaper than Netflix, understandably because obviously there’s only Disney films available and it won’t be updated as much as what Netflix does. But for £5.99 a month … Continue reading Is Disney+ worth it?

Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

With the recent release of two new Disney films, I was straight to the cinema to see them. Here's what I thought about the films... Toy Story 4: I grew up with the Toy Story films and therefore they have a special place in my childhood heart. I had toys of the characters and it … Continue reading Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

Men in Black International Film Review

The other night I watched The Men in Black International. I haven’t seen any of the Men in Black’s before (I know I should) so I went into seeing this film pretty oblivious of what the films are actually about. I feel like the only word to use to describe this film was ‘weird’? It … Continue reading Men in Black International Film Review

My Top 5 Disney films

Let's jump straight in shall we... 1 - Tangled. Oh I just love this film. The colours, the story line, the characters, THE LANTERNS, and the music. It's such a cute but funny film with special elements, especially the scene where they sing I See The Light, oh so beautiful! 2 - Big Hero 6.I … Continue reading My Top 5 Disney films