WDW Prep 25 – Epcot Food and Wine Festival

This festival is going to be for the people who like their food and like to try whatever they can get hold of! Personally, being a fussy eater, I won't be going round trying loads of different things, but Joe, I think he will be up for having a good old taste around Epcot! The … Continue reading WDW Prep 25 – Epcot Food and Wine Festival

WDW Prep 12 – Epcot Food

Epcot is probably the place for you food lovers out there. With it being a park full of different countries, there‚Äôs a wide range of different foods available to try! For example you have the UK, Mexico and Germany. I will try to not touch in the food and wine festival within this post since … Continue reading WDW Prep 12 – Epcot Food