What I miss about Disneyland Paris

Lots of us are in the same boat right now. The closure of the parks is going to be affecting some more than others and so many of us are dying to get back to their favourite place...missing our trips to Disney and the magic. The only park I have visited is Disneyland Paris, therefore … Continue reading What I miss about Disneyland Paris

My LEAST favourite rides at Disneyland Paris…

Don't get me wrong, Disneyland Paris holds such a special place in my heart and I adore it SO MUCH. However, we all have some rides that aren't really our favourites right? I hope I don't get unfollowed or hated on by some of you because of the rides I tell you that are my … Continue reading My LEAST favourite rides at Disneyland Paris…

Disney blues and struggling to cope with lockdown restrictions?

So, it’s week 11 currently for me in this whole lockdown situation. I’ve adjusted to it but it’s still very weird and scary. Right now, I’ve just been put on furlough for 3 weeks so now I need to find ways to entertain myself but also, the Disney blues are very much real! Therefore, I … Continue reading Disney blues and struggling to cope with lockdown restrictions?

My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers

For me, I absolutely love spending my weekend or evening watching Disney vlogs. I do this quite often so I've gone through a good selection of YouTubers and I thought to share with you my favourite people to watch! Jade Billington - Jade is the cutest, sweetest girl ever! Her and Matt her husband go … Continue reading My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers

Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

If I could work anywhere in Disney, I think I would want to work in the Bakery shop down Main Street. I love baking and especially love the smell of baked goods. I absolutely love walking into the Bakery shop and seeing all the different sweets, chocolates and bakes. The design of the shop is … Continue reading Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

WDW Prep 19 – ESTA’s

Well, I didn’t realise just how easy it is to apply for an ESTA. A quick overview brief of an ESTA just for those who may be unsure on what it is. You need an ESTA to be able to enter the USA. The ESTA allows visitors to be in the USA for up to … Continue reading WDW Prep 19 – ESTA’s

Disney themed date ideas

As someone who loves a date day and night, I was thinking how I can make a date Disney themed. Here are a few ways to have a Disney themed date!  I’ll start off with the idea that may not be applicable for everyone. However, for me, being only a short train journey away from … Continue reading Disney themed date ideas

Disney Blog post ideas

Since I have my own Disney blog I know the struggle of trying to think of new blog post ideas! Even though you could look through my blog and see what posts I have but I thought to create a list of ideas for you. Disney restaurant reviews: people love reading a review before visiting … Continue reading Disney Blog post ideas

Top 3 things to do at Disneyland Paris

I’ve done a few posts before about what to do at Disneyland Paris and my recommendations, but I thought it challenge myself in only picking the top 3 things I’d suggest you do when you visit! There is so much you can do at DLP which is all so incredible, therefore, this will be quite … Continue reading Top 3 things to do at Disneyland Paris

Another Disney Q&A

I love doing these blog posts so I thought since it’s a new year let’s answer some more Disney questions! Favourite ride in Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park? Ah, this is quite a tough one since I love Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller and Crush Coaster...I think I’ll have to say Rock n … Continue reading Another Disney Q&A