Are Disney ears worth the price?

Official Disney ears can be quite expensive. I mean, it's obvious they would be because they're an official piece of merch from the Disney parks and they're probably one of the most popular pieces of merch. However, when I bought my first pair of official Disney ears, I did think, okay is this going to … Continue reading Are Disney ears worth the price?

Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Black Friday is nearly here! I got a email from shopdisney and I thought you know what I’m going to do a blog post about my favourite items on sale! EVERYONE GO CRAZY!!!!!’ YES THE BAYMAX TREE DECORATION IS ON SALE!!!! *adds to basket* This absolute adorable … Continue reading Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

Boohoo Disney Clothing items you need!

One of my favourite things to do is look online at the clothing websites to see what Disney items they have in stock at the moment! Boohoo currently have a brilliant Disney selection and I just had to share some bits with you! Just how cute is this Lion King PJ Set! I am in … Continue reading Boohoo Disney Clothing items you need!