Another Disney trip cancelled?!?!?

Well, it wasn't exactly certain that my Disneyland Paris trip in September was going to go ahead...but we wanted to try and see if we could get there and so we booked a little trip. However, as I'm sure many of you are aware, France is now on the quarantine list for the UK. Therefore, … Continue reading Another Disney trip cancelled?!?!?

TUI cancelled my Disney holiday????? Update on my WDW trip…

As expected, our WDW trip in September has been cancelled. Even though I was prepared for it to be cancelled, I was still so gutted that it’s came to this but obviously, safety is the most important thing right now so it’s very understandable! Plus, it’s my first time going so I was very cautious … Continue reading TUI cancelled my Disney holiday????? Update on my WDW trip…

WDW Prep 27 – Dining Reservations

On the 16th of March, myself and Joe made our Disney World dining reservations. To give you some context with this all, currently it's a very weird situation to have my first WDW holiday booked but not really knowing whether I will now actually be able to go due to the virus. However, we had … Continue reading WDW Prep 27 – Dining Reservations

WDW Prep 18 – Animal Kingdom Attractions

Apologies for the delay again this week in the WDW Prep blog post. I have been pretty ill this week and couldn't even look down at my phone to type up a post without my nose running like mad! But here we are...the last post on Animal Kingdom which is, attractions. Avatar Flight of Passage … Continue reading WDW Prep 18 – Animal Kingdom Attractions

My experience with Magic Breaks

My previous Disneyland Paris trip was booked through Magic Breaks. I had heard about Magic Breaks for a while but never fully investigated it and plus, I am someone who worries about whether its completely safe and therefore, I’d rather book through the Disney website since it’s 100% legit. I spoke on the live chat … Continue reading My experience with Magic Breaks