How can you make your Disney trip countdown even more exciting?

As exciting as it may be to countdown to your Disney trip, it can seem a long wait until the big day. My countdown started of over 500 days!! That’s a lonnnnng time to be counting down to something haha! So, I thought right I need to make this countdown more exciting and more bearableContinue reading “How can you make your Disney trip countdown even more exciting?”

WDW Prep 1 – 365 days to go!

With the countdown starting with over 500 days to go till my trip, I’m finally at a year! Yes, there is still a long way to go but you know what…considering I booked it in April, the countdown has gone very quick so far! So, the day is here, its officially a year away! MeContinue reading “WDW Prep 1 – 365 days to go!”