Things I’d love Disney to add to their parks

With the new features being announced at D23 Expo, it made me think what things I would love for Disney to add. Firstly, I would seriously love Monsters Inc land. Monsters Inc was a huge part of my childhood and a film I have watched many times. I think it would be great to haveContinue reading “Things I’d love Disney to add to their parks”

D23 Expo Announcements – What I’m most excited about

After the D23 madness, here are a few things that I am most excited about that they announced. Being a London girl, and my childhood being full of Mary Poppins, I must admit. I am very excited about the Mary Poppins attraction coming to Epcot. It kinda makes me want to visit it with myContinue reading “D23 Expo Announcements – What I’m most excited about”