Is starting an Apprenticeship a good idea?

Since May 2018, I have been a digital marketing apprentice. I am almost at the end of my apprenticeship; should be finished around September/October. My work has been super supportive of my apprenticeship and always helped in any way they can. I’ve been super lucky with my work and progress to be offered a permanent … Continue reading Is starting an Apprenticeship a good idea?

Ways to save money!

If you're reading this then you're probably struggling to save money either for your future, an item you want to buy or simply as back up in case of anything! I've struggled with saving money especially when friends ask me out or I decide I want a new style and therefore need to buy a … Continue reading Ways to save money!

A dream of working with Disney

I'm sure every Disney fan would love to work with Disney however it's a huge goal for me and I really wish one day I can get a Disney opportunity. I have recently been thinking about doing the summer programme at Disneyworld. However, since I haven't been before and I'm planning to go in September … Continue reading A dream of working with Disney