WDW Prep 3 – How to save for a trip to Disney

I used to think to myself ‘I’ll never be able to afford life along with paying for a trip to Disney’ but trust me it is possible. It takes time and boy has it taken me a long time to comfortably afford a trip to Disney and believe that I will have enough money toContinue reading “WDW Prep 3 – How to save for a trip to Disney”

WDW Trip update – Thomas Cook go under

Firstly, I want to start of this post with sending my thoughts and love to everyone who has and will continue to be affected by Thomas Cook’s bust. I have used Thomas Cook over the past few years and I’ve never had any problems with them, I’ve always felt in safe hands and supported withContinue reading “WDW Trip update – Thomas Cook go under”

WDW Prep 2 – How I booked my Disney trip

Starting off the WDW Prep, I thought it would be good to explain how Joe and I booked our Disney trip! I have touched on this before in a post when I announced that our trip was booked but here is some extra information. There are many ways to book a trip to Disney withContinue reading “WDW Prep 2 – How I booked my Disney trip”

WDW Prep 1 – 365 days to go!

With the countdown starting with over 500 days to go till my trip, I’m finally at a year! Yes, there is still a long way to go but you know what…considering I booked it in April, the countdown has gone very quick so far! So, the day is here, its officially a year away! MeContinue reading “WDW Prep 1 – 365 days to go!”