Wicked the Musical – London Westend

Friday night I finally got to see Wicked up the Westend in London! I’ve always heard such good things about this show so it was time I saw it. Our seats were quite high up but for £32 you couldn’t complain, we were in the middle so we could see everything, I guess it’s justContinue reading “Wicked the Musical – London Westend”

How to get back on track with your fitness

After the Christmas period, a lot of us can feel stuck in a chocolate heaven where all we want to do is snuggle watching films and eating all our treats. For me, personally, after my summer holiday which was in July, my fitness has gone very downhill. I’m really trying to get back to theContinue reading “How to get back on track with your fitness”

My 2020 goals

Goals for 2020 I always quite like to make a few goals for the new year ahead and I thought to share mine with you for 2 reasons really. 1) to motivate myself and remember them and 2) incase any inspire you and you also want to do my goal. Firstly, my mind set isContinue reading “My 2020 goals”

Thing's I have learnt in 2019…

2019 has been a good but challenging year. Challenging in all aspects of my life, career, money, friends, personal growth etc. I think this year I have developed as a person a lot but there is still so much room for improvement and changes that could make myself a better person along with the wayContinue reading “Thing's I have learnt in 2019…”

Disney Mickey cookie recipe

Ingredients: Unsalted butter – 200g Caster sugar – 200g Plain flour – 400g 1 egg Chocolate – I used dairy milk bars 200g each Sprinkles (optional) Step 1 – Place the sugar and the butter in a bowl and whisk together until creamy Step 2 – Beat the egg and add it to the bowlContinue reading “Disney Mickey cookie recipe”

My favourite book’s I have recently read

I used to love reading as a child and as I got older, I only read things that I needed to. However, recently reading more and realising how helpful it is for my mental health, I have been reading nonstop! I like to read romantic, teen books and self-love books. Here are some of myContinue reading “My favourite book’s I have recently read”

Is starting an Apprenticeship a good idea?

Since May 2018, I have been a digital marketing apprentice. I am almost at the end of my apprenticeship; should be finished around September/October. My work has been super supportive of my apprenticeship and always helped in any way they can. I’ve been super lucky with my work and progress to be offered a permanentContinue reading “Is starting an Apprenticeship a good idea?”

Anxiety – My Experience

Anxiety is SHIT. It’s such a fucking crap problem in people’s life and it’s truly destroying. I remember when I was younger, I’m not sure what age, but I was talking to my mum about something and I turned round to her and said ‘mum I think I have anxiety’ for her to say ‘GeorgiaContinue reading “Anxiety – My Experience”

Self love – My Experience

For many years now I have been struggling to cope with the way my mind works. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s hard being me but I find that the way I think about things and the way things affect me, it can be difficult to accept who I am or changeContinue reading “Self love – My Experience”

10 things I want to do before I turn 21

So, I’ve just turned 20 therefore I have a year to try and complete these 10 things on my list! I’ve made them achievable and things that I am serious about doing and completing. 1- Book a trip to Florida Disney World (THIS HAS HAPPENED ALREADY) 2- Read more books on self love/confidence 3- SaveContinue reading “10 things I want to do before I turn 21”