Onward Film Review

After missing out on watching Onward in the cinema, it was finally added to Disney+ and myself and Joe had to watch it as soon as! Personally, just from the trailer, I wasn't sure if this film was going to be my cup of tea. How I was so wrong!!!! I was gripped throughout the … Continue reading Onward Film Review

Disney+ Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 Review

Frozen 2 is up there as one of my favourite Disney films and so when I heard about this series coming out all about the making of it, I was soooo excited to watch it! I’ve just finished watching it and wow. It was insane. I love documentaries and behind the scene series, but this … Continue reading Disney+ Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 Review

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Review

Disney+ bought us the long awaited High School Music series. Personally, as someone who was a complete die hard HSM fan back in the day, I was worried that this series was going to be awful and completely ruin HSM for me. Now, I wouldn't say this series was incredible. The acting at times did … Continue reading High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Review

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Free Review

This is a review of the latest episode in the Star Wars saga. I will do my best not to spoil anything but, as always if you want to go in knowing nothing I suggest you don’t read the following. Firstly, a quick bit of background. My name is Joe and I’m G’s boyfriend. I … Continue reading Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Free Review

Frozen 2 Film Review

I understand, I may be very late to the Frozen 2 party here but I just had to do a review on this film! Oh guys it’s just brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! It’s a fantastic film and I feel like because now we know the characters and they’re a little … Continue reading Frozen 2 Film Review

Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

With the recent release of two new Disney films, I was straight to the cinema to see them. Here's what I thought about the films... Toy Story 4: I grew up with the Toy Story films and therefore they have a special place in my childhood heart. I had toys of the characters and it … Continue reading Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Yesterday I went to the cinema and saw Spider-Man Far From Home. My likeness for Marvel has grown massively very quickly, mostly due to my boyfriend loving the films. I had seen some of the films before, however, I have made my way through many of them and only have a few left to watch! … Continue reading Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Men in Black International Film Review

The other night I watched The Men in Black International. I haven’t seen any of the Men in Black’s before (I know I should) so I went into seeing this film pretty oblivious of what the films are actually about. I feel like the only word to use to describe this film was ‘weird’? It … Continue reading Men in Black International Film Review

John Wick – Chapter 3 Film Review

**MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS** The other night I went and saw John Wick 3 at the cinema. After being such a fan of the first film, I watched the second and knew I just had to go and see the third. Now, films like to keep creating and producing which can sometimes go in the wrong … Continue reading John Wick – Chapter 3 Film Review

Avengers Endgame Review (may include spoilers)

First of all I’m going to put it out there that I am not a die hard Marvel fan. This is simply an opinion from someone who has watched the other films and enjoys the story line,characters and movie scenes. Therefore what I’m about to say could be ‘wrong’ to some people but here is … Continue reading Avengers Endgame Review (may include spoilers)