Top 3 Restaurants in Disneyland Paris

This blog post will be focused on the eating places in Disney Village. I haven’t been to all the restaurants in Disney Village (mostly because i’m a fussy eater so i’m limited to where i can eat) Therefore, my top 3 may be different to what other people think depending on if they have visitedContinue reading “Top 3 Restaurants in Disneyland Paris”

Disneyland Park VS Walt Disney Studios

What park do I prefer? For me, I prefer the rides in Walt Disney Studios since there’s Rock n Roller, Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster and RC Racer. Obviously I love the rides in the other park but i’m much more a person who likes thrilling rides, and Walt Disney Studios includes more ‘extreme’ ridesContinue reading “Disneyland Park VS Walt Disney Studios”

Disney Santa Fe VS Disney Cheyenne

What hotel is better? I stayed in Disneyland’s Hotel Santa Fe in July 2017 and Hotel Cheyenne in February 2019. Personally for me, i think its very tough in deciding what hotel is better. Theme:I prefer the Cheyenne theme (cowboys and Toy Story), only really because I’m more interested in Toy Story than Cars. Although,Continue reading “Disney Santa Fe VS Disney Cheyenne”

Top 3 rides at Disneyland Paris

Okay, personally for me I find this quite easy to decide my top 3 rides at Disney. I’d have to say 1. Hyperspace Mountain Now I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, don’t get me wrong I do like it and also it’s my boyfriends favourite thing in the world (besides me obviously 😉)Continue reading “Top 3 rides at Disneyland Paris”

Disney on a budget?

Disney on a budget? Is it possible? YES! Although I’m not quite sure how my partner and I brought home as much money as we did, I believe Disney on the cheap side can be possible. In the Disney village there are big branded restaurants which are expensive however there’s ways around it! For example,Continue reading “Disney on a budget?”

Disneyland Paris in February

So, I’ve just got back from the most amazing time in Disneyland Paris with my partner. We went from the 12th-16th of February just before half term started. Weather wise, we were super lucky! With a place like Disney that involves rides and a lot of walking, you want the weather to be acceptable –Continue reading “Disneyland Paris in February”