Travelling by Eurostar to Disneyland Paris – what’s it like?

I’ve travelled to Disneyland Paris by the Eurostar the past 2 times I have visited. I have departed from Ebbsfleet and London Kings Cross St Pancras. Ebbsfleet involved driving to the station whereas Kings Cross, I was able to get on the train into London. The Eurostar I find super easy and relaxing to useContinue reading “Travelling by Eurostar to Disneyland Paris – what’s it like?”

WDW Prep 7 – Disney Springs Shopping

Who doesn’t love doing some shopping on holiday? Especially Disney shopping! Disney springs is the place to go to look round the shops and see what great items you can find! There is a huge range of different shops at Disney springs, ranging from Art, Clothes, Beauty and Mickey ears! Without being to Disney springsContinue reading “WDW Prep 7 – Disney Springs Shopping”

Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

The 2 previous times that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris, I have stayed for 4 nights and had 5 days in the parks. However, was this long enough or even potentially too long? You may be thinking to yourself ‘how can that possibly be too long to spend time in Disney’. I get you; I’d loveContinue reading “Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris”

WDW Prep 6 – Disney Springs Entertainment

If you’re wanting a break from the Disney parks, then head over to Disney Springs to take part in their different activities available! Within Disney Springs there is a range of entertainment available for all ages. Let’s talk about some of it shall we! Firstly, something that I’m really excited about even though I’m notContinue reading “WDW Prep 6 – Disney Springs Entertainment”

Disney Halloween Films You Have To Watch!

With Halloween coming up in a matter of a few weeks, I thought that some of you may want a list of ‘Halloween’ Disney films to watch. And so that’s what I’m going to give you today! Get your drinks and snacks at the ready…it’s movie time! ⁃ Twitches: I have to start of withContinue reading “Disney Halloween Films You Have To Watch!”

Birmingham Primark Disney Cafe Review

This past weekend, myself and Joe visited Birmingham mainly because of the worlds biggest Primark and the Disney Cafe inside. I’ a huge Primark fan and I actually had my first job there as a weekend shop floor assistant (working in Primark isn’t as pleasant as it may seem). Anyway, we decided to have aContinue reading “Birmingham Primark Disney Cafe Review”

WDW Prep 5 – Disney Springs Food

I feel like Disney Springs is going to be heaven for me. Shops, food, pretty scenery, Disney themed…what more could a someone want! Today I’m going to share a few bits I’ve learnt about the food in Disney Springs. There are loads of different restaurants at Disney Springs, including pizza, Chinese, and your typical AmericanContinue reading “WDW Prep 5 – Disney Springs Food”

Things I’d love Disney to add to their parks

With the new features being announced at D23 Expo, it made me think what things I would love for Disney to add. Firstly, I would seriously love Monsters Inc land. Monsters Inc was a huge part of my childhood and a film I have watched many times. I think it would be great to haveContinue reading “Things I’d love Disney to add to their parks”

WDW Prep 4 – Should you do the Disney dining plan?

There is a lot of discussion as to whether the dining plan is worth it for some people. With the release of the free dining plan offer, it can be quite tense in knowing whether to take up that opportunity or will there simple be too much food to eat and you’ll be better ofContinue reading “WDW Prep 4 – Should you do the Disney dining plan?”

Disney Halloween Merchandise

Just like any season or event, Disney go full out with their merchandise. Now that Halloween is upon us, I thought to share with you some of my favourite Halloween items that Disney have out currently! The items listed below and all from Shopdisney – Disney Store Jack Skellington Candle Holder Walt Disney WorldContinue reading “Disney Halloween Merchandise”