My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers

For me, I absolutely love spending my weekend or evening watching Disney vlogs. I do this quite often so I’ve gone through a good selection of YouTubers and I thought to share with you my favourite people to watch! Jade Billington – Jade is the cutest, sweetest girl ever! Her and Matt her husband goContinue reading “My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers”

My first Disney Giveaway!

Hey everyone! So it’s coming up to a year of me having my blog and Instagram account and so I wanted to do something to thank you for the support. The best idea I could think of was a giveaway. This is running over on my Instagram account (@the_disney_way). I’m giving away some Frozen giftsContinue reading “My first Disney Giveaway!”

Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

If I could work anywhere in Disney, I think I would want to work in the Bakery shop down Main Street. I love baking and especially love the smell of baked goods. I absolutely love walking into the Bakery shop and seeing all the different sweets, chocolates and bakes. The design of the shop isContinue reading “Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?”

Disney themed date ideas

As someone who loves a date day and night, I was thinking how I can make a date Disney themed. Here are a few ways to have a Disney themed date!  I’ll start off with the idea that may not be applicable for everyone. However, for me, being only a short train journey away fromContinue reading “Disney themed date ideas”

Disney Blog post ideas

Since I have my own Disney blog I know the struggle of trying to think of new blog post ideas! Even though you could look through my blog and see what posts I have but I thought to create a list of ideas for you. Disney restaurant reviews: people love reading a review before visitingContinue reading “Disney Blog post ideas”

Top 3 things to do at Disneyland Paris

I’ve done a few posts before about what to do at Disneyland Paris and my recommendations, but I thought it challenge myself in only picking the top 3 things I’d suggest you do when you visit! There is so much you can do at DLP which is all so incredible, therefore, this will be quiteContinue reading “Top 3 things to do at Disneyland Paris”

Another Disney Q&A

I love doing these blog posts so I thought since it’s a new year let’s answer some more Disney questions! Favourite ride in Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park? Ah, this is quite a tough one since I love Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller and Crush Coaster…I think I’ll have to say Rock nContinue reading “Another Disney Q&A”

5 great things about Magic Breaks (Travel company for Disneyland Paris)

Magic Breaks was a great company that I used to book my previous Disneyland Paris trip with, and I will defiantly look to use them for any future DLP trips! People may be cautious when booking a holiday that isn’t directly with an ‘official’ website, like Disney’s own website. However, I want to make youContinue reading “5 great things about Magic Breaks (Travel company for Disneyland Paris)”

Planet Hollywood restaurant review – Disneyland Paris Village

On both of my previous trips to Disneyland Paris, I visited Planet Hollywood. This restaurant is a must do in my opinion! Firstly, the entrance to Planet Hollywood is a way of making people want to visit. Day or night, it’s pretty cool walking up the stairs and entering the Planet Hollywood ball. Then insideContinue reading “Planet Hollywood restaurant review – Disneyland Paris Village”

Disney Christmas gifts for women

I personally believe that buying Disney gifts for the ladies in your life is so super easy! There are so many gifts out there that women would love. If you’re struggling then here are a few ideas! Just like the man gift guide, I could go on forever listing items but I need to stopContinue reading “Disney Christmas gifts for women”