WDW Prep 16 – Animal Kingdom Food

Another delayed post than my usual Wednesday upload, but it’s been Christmas! I hop everyone had a lovely time celebrating and here’s to the New Year!

So, let’s talk about some food in Animal Kingdom shall we!

One restaurant that instantly jumps out to me is the Rainforest Cafe. I have only ever been to the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland Paris. I think whenever Joe and I visit DLP, we will always make sure we go here because we just love it! The food is great, and of course the atmosphere and themeing is brilliant! So basing this restaurant off the one in DLP (they’re exactly the same), I really recommend going here! If you have kids, they will love it here because of the theme inside. They have sound effects such as thunder and animal noises to fit the theme even more. But the best thing is probably the elephant that is in the restaurant. It’s massive and would impress anyone! But along with the theme and how incredible Disney have made it look, the food is also a win for me. They have a fair selection of meals so hopefully you and your party will be able to find something to eat. For example, for dinner they do Fish and Chips, Turkey Wrap, Salads, and Pasta. Although, Rainforest Cafe is a more expensive restaurant, normally at DLP is our most expensive meal, but I think it’s worth the money. It’s around $15-$34 for adult meals.

Yak & Yeti is a restaurant I hear a lot about. People rave about this restaurant so I think it’s one you and even myself, need to check out when you’re there or at least look at the menu before you visit. Again, it is a expensive restaurant with prices ranging from $15-$34 for an adult meal but from the sound of it, it seems to be worth it. Yak & Yeti is a mixture of cuisines, such as American, Asian, Chinese and Seafood. They serve lunch and dinner here with a very filled menu! Some dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Lo Mein, Seared Tuna Salad and their famous Honey Chicken. I say famous because Honey Chicken is the dish that people who have visited mention. I think I will try the Honey Chicken because I want to know what the fuss is all about! Yak & Yeti also sells alcoholic drinks so if you were looking for a sit down meal where you could also have some drinks, this restaurant could be for you!

Flame Tree Barbecue is a quick service restaurant which sells mainly meat meals. They serve lunch and dinner dishes which are the same for each meal period. I find with this restaurant that their menu is quite small but I suppose if you wanted something meaty then you’ll find it here. Here you can get a Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, Smokehouse Chicken Salad and a Ribs and Chicken Combo. The prices here are very reasonable, costing between $10 to $20. So this is a cheaper alternative for food in Animal Kingdom compared to other restaurants I have already listed. This quick service, also sells alcoholic drinks so you’re spoilt for choice in Animal Kingdom if you want a alcoholic drink.

If you wanted a quick Ice Cream break then you can head over to Anandapur Ice Cream Truck to grab yourself a refreshing snack! Along with the standard Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, you can also get a Peppermint flavoured Ice Cream. Maybe this is a normal flavour ice cream in America but for us Brits, this is something different. This could be a new snack you try during your visit! A very cheap, quick food boost to keep you going throughout the day.

Tiffins Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant. So, as I’m sure you can guess, fine dining = a lot of money!!!! Looking at some photos of the meals here, the food is displayed very perfectly and delicately. Also, looking at the prices of the meals here, yes it is A LOT OF MONEY. So, maybe if you’re celebrating something it may be worth coming here, but for a family of 4, it will rinse your bank account shall we say. Obviously, it’s up to yourselves where and how you want to spend your money but be prepared for a big bill at the end of the meal. For example, a Butter Chicken main meal is $38 or if you want a Tamarind-braised Short Rib this will cost you $51…see what I mean…a lot of money. But I’m sure you get what you pay for in regards to the presentation and taste. But personally, this isn’t a restaurant I will be visiting because otherwise my whole life savings would be spent on one meal.

Animal Kingdom to me seems to have to most variety of restaurants in terms of cuisines. Maybe this is down to the park itself and the themeing behind it all. There are a mixture of prices for your meals too so you will be able to find either a cheaper dining experience or if you want to splash the cash a bit then you can also do that!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Free Review

This is a review of the latest episode in the Star Wars saga. I will do my best not to spoil anything but, as always if you want to go in knowing nothing I suggest you don’t read the following.

Firstly, a quick bit of background. My name is Joe and I’m G’s boyfriend. I have been a huge Star Wars fan for pretty much my whole life. My first memory of the films was sitting watching episode 4 with my dad one afternoon. Since then, I have never looked back. Whether it’s running around playing with lightsabers with my cousin or my rather pointless Star Wars trivia knowledge, it has always been a huge part of my life. Now, onto the film…

To put it simple, I loved it. My eyes were glued to the screen the whole way through. I was so into the film that the time went so quick and it didn’t feel like it dragged, before I knew it, the credits were up! There were twists I didn’t see coming, interesting new characters as well as some old favourites. Even though I love the franchise I’m not one to think everything is perfect and the films are untouchable. Even I got bored during SOLO. However, I was a fan of The Last Jedi which got considerably mixed reviews. I appreciate that the fan base is so large and spans about 3 generations at this point. So, the directors, writers and producers have to produce something that will appeal to everyone. Well, the odds of that happening are about 3720 to 1. So, the film won’t be everyone’s glass of blue milk. But, like I said on the whole I enjoyed it. There were tense space battles, impressive lightsaber combat and emotional moments, that in my opinion have often carried the franchise.

There were a couple of things that I didn’t like in the film but that’s part of the experience. Everyone takes something different from viewing. That’s the beauty of the 9 film story. It’s an escape from the mundane everyday and people appreciate different aspects of it. As it was the final piece to the Skywalker saga there was a lot of pressure for it to tie up a lot of loose ends. Some of which it did, some of which I feel it intentionally didn’t. To para phrase Qui Gon Jinn “there’s always another Star Wars film”. If you have ever enjoyed a Star Wars film I would recommend seeing this film. It is a fun fast paced ride that I’m sure parts of it would appeal to everyone, just maybe not all of it. What did you think of the film? Leave a comment below and…

May the force be with you.

WDW Prep 15 – Disney Ride Closures

We’ve all been there. Waited ages for your holiday to start, only to find out your favourite ride is closed. What a nightmare. Well, luckily there are some things you can do to try and minimise the heartbreak, inevitable tantrums, and however your kids react.

Short term closures

The first thing to know is the type of ride closures. Not all rides are closed for extended periods. Some may have to close suddenly because of technical problems or unforeseen weather. These types of closures are hard to prepare for, but they are often short-term closures. This means that with a bit of a reshuffle of your day you will hopefully be able to ride that attraction later.

One thing to keep in mind is Florida is known for its change in weather. It can be boiling then minutes later it’s raining cats and dogs. The area is also prone to storms. So many attractions have to be closed as it’s unsafe for guests if there is lightning in the area. All water based and most outside attractions have to be closed until the storm passes.

What happens if you are on a ride and it has to close? Normally you will receive a fastpass to return and ride the attraction at a later time. On occasions you will receive a kind of ‘super fastpass’ which allows you to ride any attraction at any time, but they usually depend on the situation. The key thing to remember is Disney don’t want to close their rides. They want the guests to be able to enjoy them. So, they will do their best to get it fixed or compensate people stuck on the ride. 

Long term closures

Disney may seem like everything is run on magic but unfortunately there are times where attractions need refurbishments. A bit of paint or transformation into a whole new experience. It can be a pain for a while but once that new attraction is up and running it’s so worth it. Disney understand this and make upcoming ride closures public knowledge as best they can. If a ride is about to close forever, they will make it clear when it’s last day running will be so you can get in that last ride.

They also publish the dates that rides will be undergoing refurbishments well in advance. They try to keep disruption to a minimum and stick to their allotted time period of closure. All upcoming ride closures can be found on their interactive calendar at: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_GB/calendars/five-day/. It’s not the best situation but Disney do their best to make it as easy as possible for guests to plan their trips around their favourite rides.

You can also use the My Disney Experience app while you on your Disney holiday, to have a live update of the rides.

Alternative rides

We all agree it’s frustrating when you can ride ‘that’ attraction, however many rides on Disney property have similar alternatives. For example, if Astro Orbiter is closed, you could ride Dumbo, Aladdin’s Carpets. Or instead of Toy Story Mania, you could try Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin. I accept they aren’t exactly the same, but it may just stop a tantrum or two. Also, with the huge selection of rides at Disney, it’s not like you are short of things to do. Within the Disney parks, there are loads of different styled rides to meet everyone’s preferences. So, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed if your favourite ride is closed, because you have many more to get on!

Disney Christmas gifts for women

I personally believe that buying Disney gifts for the ladies in your life is so super easy! There are so many gifts out there that women would love. If you’re struggling then here are a few ideas!

Pandora is the way to go! Pandora have a huge selection of different jewellery pieces that are Disney. Either a Disney charm such as Minnie Mouse or Olaf, or this Mickey ring. Pandora is such good quality and a really beautiful gift to give someone. It can be on the more expensive side but they do have sales and a lot of the time, Disney items are in the sales so keep your eyes out! This ring is £40 – Mickey ring
Adam Hattan is a massive Disney fan who has released his own books! I actually would quite like this book myself considering I’m going to WDW for my first time next year. I’ve heard such great things about his books since they are here to help you plan and understand Disney holidays! So, if you know someone who is going on a Disney holiday soon or will in the future, this would be such a thoughtful, helpful gift to give them! Plus, they’re such good prices for such informative books – Dream guide
Up’s adventure book. Okay, seriously HOW ADORABLE IS THIS!!! If you know someone who loves to keep memories of holidays or days out or their life, this would be so perfect for them. This book is in the Disney film Up and is such a cute part of the film, a die hard Disney fan would know what this is in no time! Plus, it gives them something to do. If they’re creative or like to keep busy or like to print of things and design, this gift is needed! AND it’s such a good price for everything you get only £15.99!!!! – Adventure book
For some women, you can’t go wrong with face masks! On ASOS they have a good range of face masks for only £3.99 which is a good stocking filler or secret Santa present! Perfect idea for someone who likes to pamper themselves – Face masks
Welcome in the new year with a new diary! How cute is this! Stationary is such a key to some women’s life’s and it’s so affordable too. I have a Minnie notepad from Moleskin which I love and is perfect for Disney holiday planning. You can find so many different notepads or diaries online and in shops but this is a cute one I found on Papier which you can also get personalised – Minnie and Mickey Diary
Tote bags are such a popular item these days! Purely because they’re better for the environment. There’s so many different tote bags that I’ve seen around online and in shops. Primark also have a good selection which will be super cheap. But this one is from ASOS, currently on sale for £8! – Lion King tote bag
Here’s an item that I will be getting for Christmas from my boyfriend! I wanted a new hoodie for my plane journey for our trip to WDW! Yes, I plan my plane outfits…but obviously I’ll also wear it many other times! This is a jumper from the Disney store so it is a more expensive clothing item, whereas on other online stores or Primark, you can get such cheaper items. This cost £30 but it’s so soft inside and amazing quality so I think it’s worth the price. Disney jumper
A mug has to be included! I love this one. I think it’s such a nice subtle Disney effect on a mug. This is only £8 which I think is a great price! A mug can be bought for pretty much anyone, maybe just be sure they drink hot drinks! But it can also be used for water or squash etc, so exactly, a gift for anyone! Another great gift for a secret Santa gift or stocking filler – Disney mug

Just like the man gift guide, I could go on forever listing items but I need to stop somewhere! There’s hundreds of different gifs out there that are Disney related/themed. Another website I love to look at is Etsy since they have such great handmade gifts, defo worth the look! I tried to include a variety of gifts to meet all likes and preferences. I hope you have fun shopping, even if you are a last minute shopper…enjoy!

WDW Prep 14 – Epcot Attractions

Firstly I’d like to say I’m sorry this post was later this week. Normally I post every Wednesday for WDW Prep but Wednesday was one of the busiest days in my life I didn’t even have chance to think about this post!

But today’s post is about the attractions at Epcot. If I’m honest, I feel like the attractions at Epcot are the attractions I’m least excited for. I feel like in other parks there’s more attractions which are up my street and that I know I’ll enjoy. But here’s a list of a few attractions I think you need to be aware of!

Mission: SPACE is a ride that I am quite weary about because apparently it isn’t a great one for travel sickness people and oh god am I one of those people. This ride is a simulation type of ride which makes you feel like you are going into space. There are 2 missions to choose from, either orange or green. Orange is a more intense feeling of G-forces and therefore may be harder for people who can’t cope with motion sickness. Whereas, if you wanted to test the water, you could do the green mission first and see how bad it makes you feel…this is what I’m going to do anyway. This ride is in groups of 4 where you’ll each be given a role to do within the space shuttle, sounds pretty cool!

Test Track is a ride I’m excited for at Epcot. before the ride, you create your own car digitally. So you get to think about how you’d like your dream car which I think is a really good idea instead of just getting into a car and not knowing anything about it. Once you’ve designed the car, you’ll get into a vehicle with 6 people and speed off across the track. The car can reach up to 65 miles per hour and when I’ve watched videos of this ride, it looks like it’s going at some serious speed! So be prepared for this. I think this ride will be so fun and one I’ll love because of the speed of it! *just a note from January 13, 2020 through February 26, 2020, Test Track will be closed for refurbishment.

Frozen Ever After is a ride which probably 99% of people who ride it will love! It’s a slow ride which goes through the journey of the film Frozen, so you’ll be hearing the songs and seeing the characters. Obviously Disney had to make this ride able to be rode by small children so there isn’t much to it as in the thrill side of things. But it seems so cute and a nice sit down going around the incredible design of Frozen!

Soarin’ Around the World is a hanging ride which makes you feel like you are flying. Some of the rides at Disney I know a fair bit about because I’ve watched people ride them in YouTube videos. However, with Soarin’ I’ve tried to avoid seeing much about it because I want it to be a surprise for when I ride it. Apparently it feels like you are really flying and it’s such a cool concept of an idea for a ride. It seems like you go over amazing scenes incredible the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China! Try not to see spoilers of this so your first experience of it feels as good as it can be!

Living with the Land is a much more chilled, relaxing ride. This ride takes you through greenhouses to discover the history of farming. I understand this may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but I thought to include it because there will be some people interested! It does actually seem like a interesting ride because you get to know how ‘Walt Disney World horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops to help feed a growing planet.’ So even though it’s about farming, Disney are still relating it to themselves. This is a nice ride to do to take some time out and just look and listen instead of speeding through thrilling rides!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is another ride that the kids and adults will love. Everyone loves the film Finding Nemo, so now you can ride through a slow moving ride based on Nemo. This ride seems like it’s the journey of actually finding Nemo. You get to go through the coral reefs and see the characters in the film to eventually find Nemo! Plus, at the end of the ride, you can walk through the Aquarium filled with fish (obviously). One that everyone will love!

Epcot have a mixture of different rides and different styles of rides. There’s rides for all types of people and ages so I’m sure whoever you go with will have a great experience at Epcot. What ride do you like most or are you most excited to go on?

Disney Trivia Quiz Show Quizney – NOW CASTING

I’m super happy to announce that I have been approached by Leni at the Quizney Team!

Quizney is a Disney channel game show where the answer to every question is something Disney related! It’s full of trivia and games to test your Disney knowledge and see who really is a Disney super fan!

If you think you have what it takes to challenge other teams of 4 and be the most knowledgeable Disney fan/fans out there, then you need to apply for this show!

Quizney are looking for teams made up of 4, including kids aged 9-17 and adults 18+. So get your team together and apply for Quizney here: http://quizney.castingcrane.com/

Get together a solid team of Disney fans. This could include your siblings, friends, work colleagues, whoever you think knows enough about Disney and loves it just as much as you!

You must be 18+ and a legal U.S resident in order to apply. All you need to do is fill in some details like the team participants names, height, weight and shoe size, City/State and why your team are the biggest Disney fans – it’s so simple to apply!

You can also submit your application by emailing Quizney@digomind.com

This is a brilliant concept that Disney Channel have produced and you NEED to get involved! Don’t miss out on being crowned the best Disney fans, show everyone what you’re made of…make Walt proud!

For more information, check out the poster below. Take up this opportunity and apply! And if you do, hopefully I’ll see you on my TV screen soon!

Disney Christmas films you have to watch!

Oh, it’s nearly here…Christmas day is fast approaching and so it’s time to get in the spirit by spending your days or evenings, snuggled up in blankets, with chocolate and a hot drink while watching a good old Disney Christmas film. If you need some recommendations of what films to watch, then here you go!

I can’t start this blog post without putting this film first on the list…Frozen. But not only Frozen 1…but Frozen 2. Yes, that’s right, the world has just improved because Frozen 2 is here. It came out in the cinema at the end of November so get your Frozen marathon on and watch the first one then go see the second. Frozen is the ultimate winter, Christmas vibes film where you can also sing along! I don’t need to go into detail about the Frozen film/s because it was absolutely HUGE when it came out and I’m sure 99% of the world has seen it. But yes, you’ve gotta spend one night near Christmas watching Frozen, or going to the cinema to see the new one!

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas is a classic for me. Every Christmas when I was younger, I would watch this film and get so excited about Santa coming…little did I know ay. Anyway, it’s a cartoon film and probably one for the little ones rather than adults, but to me it sets the mood perfectly. It’s so super cute and so focused on Christmas that you can’t not feel excited after watching it. I think I may try to watch it this year since I haven’t for so long now that I’m almost forgetting the story, so I think I need my refresh! It may only have Mickey’s name in the title, but you get a mixture of Disney characters to watch. If you haven’t seen it, I really suggest you do but do be prepared that it is a younger demographic film.

I believe the next film is a must watch at Christmas time and I know a lot of people/families will always make time to watch it. A Christmas Carol. I actually first watched this film in my English lesson at school since we were studying Dickens’. I think this film is much more of a classic for the older demographic since it was released in 1984. But I think it’s a great film for the kids to watch too, granted I wouldn’t let your young kids watch since it is about Scrooge so it isn’t the happiest of films and may be a bit scary for them. I love the story of this film. Studying the story does make me see it in a more depth/detailed way that what an average viewer may, but the way the story is told and how it ends, it really is a lovely watch even though it may be about someone who ‘hates’ Christmas. Although if you don’t want to watch the old version of a Christmas Carol, there is the 2009 cartoon edition which may be preferred by the younger demographic since it’s more up to date and cartooned!

You also have the Muppet Christmas Carol. Which is basically a Muppet take on Christmas Carol. So this may be more interesting and fun for the kids to watch. Plus, I think because it is the Muppets, it takes away the ‘scary’ side of the film which would be easier for the kids to watch.

The Santa Clause film series is a great watch for all the family. It’s a funny film series and it’s nice to have a Christmas film that carries on to more than 1 film. It has Tim Allen in it who is a fantastic character, so I think that makes the films even better! I think it would be perfect in my eyes to spend a day on the sofa watching these films back to back, so you get the full effect of the storyline without forgetting what happens after each one. Obviously, it being Santa Clause, it gives the amazing vibe and excitement of Santa visiting soon which the kids will love. I remember watching it before as a child and it made me so happy and obviously keep the realness of Santa alive!

If you have Disney+ then lucky you! You can watch the new Disney Christmas film Noelle. Due to being in the UK, I won’t be able to watch this film since Disney+ isn’t available over here until the 31st of March, so I’ll have to wait but, this film seems like it would be a really great watch. Plus, it has Anna Kendrick in it who is one of my favourite actresses. This is a comedy film so I’m sure many people will enjoy this new, funny Christmas film. If you watch it, let me know how it is!

There are other films which aren’t Christmas films but to me give off a bit of a Christmas vibe, so I thought to include them on this blog post too! These include:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Cool Runnings
  • Ice Princess
  • Enchanted
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

Have fun getting into the Christmas spirit!

Frozen 2 Film Review

I understand, I may be very late to the Frozen 2 party here but I just had to do a review on this film!

Oh guys it’s just brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! It’s a fantastic film and I feel like because now we know the characters and they’re a little family it makes it feel so much more cosy and friendly? If that makes any sense at all! I loved every single part of it, honestly there wasn’t one bit where I was bored or thinking they could’ve done without this bit or whatever, it’s just amazing!

I did cry 3 times during the film and at the end I was just sobbing so if you’re an emotional wreck like me then be prepared for some tears…it wasn’t like super sad but it’s like you have a connection with all the characters now!

I don’t think the soundtrack is as good as the first film, however, I still love the songs! Into the unknown is an absolute banger and I can’t stop listening to it. Also, I think Lost in the Woods by Kristoff is a fantastic song and I love that he has his own little moment with his feelings towards Anna. And of course, Olaf has his moment to shine which is always so so cute! There isn’t a song like Let it Go but is there ever going to be a song that compares to Let it Go? I personally don’t think so and it’s probably going to be one of Disney’s best songs for a very long time! But I do think in a few years times when Disney create a new firework show, Into the Unknown NEEDS to be on the playlist because how good would the fireworks go with the beats of that song? Just imagine it…

I think the film is brilliant because of Olaf. He adds to the cuteness and humour into the film, especially the Samatha bit (if you’ve seen it then you get what I mean). However, Elsa is a huge part of this film which is understandable but it’s very much more about her and her ‘saving the day’ with the help of Anna. Which I think is nice because Frozen 1 was focused on Anna and the journey to Elsa, whereas this time it more was down to Elsa to fix things.

I’m someone who adores marriage and proposals so I loved how they added in Kristoff proposing to Anna. But obviously it wouldn’t be done easily and it was pretty funny how he kept messing up with his words but at the end it all worked out perfectly! *queue me being a crying mess* super cute to add this into the movie.

It wouldn’t be a Disney film without a bit of danger and a tense moment as to what will happen next. So, there is a part where it’s like ‘oh no’ but there’s always going to be a happy ending right? I think the way they did the ‘danger’ moment was produced really well and kept you gripped. But it was quite sad to watch considering Elsa and Anna weren’t together so Anna didn’t know what was going on. But everything was all fine in the end and I think that’s why I cried so much because I was like oh thank god it’s all okay!!!

Can I just talk about how stunning they all looked????? I loved the outfits and Elsa at the end oh my god with her hair down and that sparkly dress, let me get married in that!!! They looked so incredible! And at the end it was so nice to see Anna and Kristoff dressed up nicely too and just added to the cuteness of the film. I love how they dress Anna and Elsa, it just makes the look of the film even better. But seriously, Elsa has became like my animated crush; she looked insane!

I also quite liked the twist at the end of Anna and Elsa now being in different parts. Because you obviously think they’ll all go back home and Elsa will be queen but I’m glad Anna got her crown and is now more important. It’s nice to see something different where both the girls can be important.

Even though Frozen is obviously a kids film, it just doesn’t feel that way. I’m 20 years old and some Disney films I do feel like wow that seriously is a film for kids, but I didn’t even think about the fact it was a kids film while watching it. I think Disney understood that Frozen appealed to a WIDE range of people and therefore had to capture everyone to come and watch it and enjoy it. Which I think they accomplished very very well. I went with my mum and she loved it too! It’s a film for everyone and I love how Disney make it feel that way too.

As soon as I left the cinema I already wanted to go see it again. I’m trying to decide if I preferred it to the first which maybe I do? I think I need to watch them both again and then decide but normally there’s that worry that the second film of any series is going to be worse or pointless but Disney pulled through. Frozen 2 is an incredible film and I am so glad they decided to do it. It’s clear why Frozen 2 has been another great success for Disney. As I said at the beginning, if you haven’t seen it then I seriously advise you too! You’re missing out if not…thank you Disney for a beautiful film!

WDW Prep 13 – Epcot Entertainment

Week 13 of the WDW Prep series! That means there’s only 39 weeks until my trip to WDW…OH MY GOD!!!!! This week, I researched into the entertainment at Epcot and it seems like this is one of the parks with the least entertainment. Here’s what I’ve found:

Since Epcot is filled with countries all over the world, there are country based entertainment. For example, we have the British Revolution. This is a 4 piece band performing a 30 minute show. They perform tributes to some of the biggest bands including The Who, Queen and The Rolling Stones. I think since I am British, I would quite like to see this show. From what I have found, they have performances at 3PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 7PM and 8PM. However, as I always say, make sure you check the times for when you go since times may differ.

A different take from the usual music entertainment is the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. This is in the China part of Epcot and performances take place at 4:10PM, 5:10PM, 6:10PM, 7:10PM and 8:10PM. It’s on for 20 minutes and involves an incredible display of skills. They also use props such as seesaws. I think this would be an insane show to watch, especially since it’s something different too!

In Japan, you have the Matsuriza. This is a drumming based performance. This is a 15 minute show and you have one show in the morning at 11:45AM and then the rest are at 12:30PM, 1:10PM, 2:00PM, 2:40PM, 3:30PM, 4:15PM. So, you’ve got plenty of times here to try and see this show! This drumming show sounds pretty impressive. Disney like to describe it as ‘Feel the rhythm as this group of traditional Japanese drummers performs intricate musical arrangements on giant drums—in a dazzling display of pure physical stamina.’ Sounds great right? I will defo try to see this!

We also have the Mariachi Cobre, music of Mexico! Look out for the men wearing sombrero hats. They will play a 25 minute performance of traditional folk music from Jalisco in Mexico. This also includes a morning show at 11:20AM, afternoon shows at 12:20PM, 1:05PM, 2:30PM, 4PM and an evening show at 5PM.

There are many character meet and greets in Epcot, including Mulan, Pluto, Snow White, Donald Duck and more! Make sure you check the times on the day you visit Epcot to see when these characters meets are.

There is also a new firework show at Epcot called Epcot Forever. This is on at 9:30PM. Without a doubt, all Disney firework shows are incredible so it’s a must do to see the firework shows in my opinion and I’m sure you will love it!

Now, I’ve left a piece of entertainment that I will 100% see and that I’m so excited for last. The Voices Of Liberty. This show is done inside the American Adventure and is on for 15 minutes. From video clips, this performance seems incredible and just sounds unreal on video so I can’t wait to hear it in person! They are dressed in outfits from the 1800’s and sing capella melodies. Honestly, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but trust me when I say this will sound incredible! The schedule is unavailable for this show, so check the times for your visit through the My Disney Experience app.

Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Black Friday is nearly here! I got a email from shopdisney and I thought you know what I’m going to do a blog post about my favourite items on sale!

EVERYONE GO CRAZY!!!!!’ YES THE BAYMAX TREE DECORATION IS ON SALE!!!! *adds to basket* This absolute adorable decoration has gone down from £13 to £10.40. It may not be the biggest save in the world but every little helps right? Baymax decoration
The worlds cutest cake stand has £8 off! The price for this is now £32! And how perfect would this look at Christmas with desserts on!!! Or simply if you love baking and know you’ll have good use then YOU NEED IT! Cake stand
This backpack is super cute! This would be a perfect backpack for your Disney trips..price is now £20.76 which I think is SO reasonable for a Disney bag!!! Also the perfect gift for someone. Disney backpack
One for the Star Wars fans! BB-8 Interactive Action Figure is now £28 from £35! A good save if you ask me. Kids and adults would love this as a gift or if you want to treat yourself. BB-8 Figure
I mean, I had to include a mug in this post! And of course as soon as I saw that the Chip mug was on sale I knew this was the one I needed to make you all aware of! Only £3 off but it’s now £11.99. Chip mug
OH YES I LOVE!!!! A Christmas Minnie jumper is a need! Got a Christmas jumper day coming up? Oh, you will look the best in this. Also this has £10 off!!!!!! £39.99!!!! Minnie Christmas jumper
Not a fan of Disney ears? Well, you’re lucky! If you prefer to wear a hat but still want the ‘ear’ element this his great is this. I love how it’s quite simply and subtle yet you know know it’s going down the Disney ears route. This is £11.20! Disney Hat
I’m so happy about this one! I’ve been wanting this jumper for so long and it’s very tempting now that it’s down in price! £35.99 is the price now. Disney jumper

There are sooo many items on sale! There’s loads of DVD’s, soft toys, Christmas decorations, and clothing! It’s such a good idea to have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy for yourself or to get as a gift for someone! Have fun shopping!