Top 3 rides at Disneyland Paris

Okay, personally for me I find this quite easy to decide my top 3 rides at Disney.

I’d have to say

1. Hyperspace Mountain

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, don’t get me wrong I do like it and also it’s my boyfriends favourite thing in the world (besides me obviously 😉) but the way this ride is presented relating to Star Wars i just love it! The beginning with the theme tune playing pretty loud really gets me pumped for the ride! Also since it’s in the dark it makes the laser beam lights much more effective. The ride makes me scream and laugh the whole way and now that me and my boyfriend have aced the photo timing perfectly, we love planning our photo opportunity!

2. Tower of Terror

I have only done this one 2 times however it’s the only ride that really makes me scared and in a weird way I love that about it! I enjoy rides and the adrenaline I get from this but Tower of Terror gets me so nervous but excited! Although I do have to hold on for dear life!! It’s super fun but terrifying yet I’d happily do it again and again!

3. Big Thunder Mountain

This is purely for the memories created on this ride. My boyfriend and I have such a laugh every time we go on this ride and it just brings so much happiness to me when I’m on it and also think back to being on it. Although it is a noisy ride, I enjoy being outside on a really incredible ‘mountain’ building. Also last time we went Disney, we got fast passes every time for this so we never queued the full amount for it so that was a big bonus!

Is Social Media good or bad?

Considering i work in digital marketing, i believe i have good knowledge on social media…i use it every single day!

It’s crazy to see the changes in social media just over the few years that I’ve been using it! I have been using social media – Facebook was my first platform, probably since i was about 10 (so young i know but it was the rage back then!) And now i’m nearly 20, so I’ve witnessed the changes for the past 10 years.

Social media is a tough one due to things such as bullying, expectations and comparing and in this generation, the comparing is getting so much worse! For example, Instagram is filled with everyone’s ‘perfect’ life’s… because who is going to post something bad that’s happened when they need to keep up with competition of ‘Who’s life is best?’ Trust me, i’m guilty of posting the best images i can get on my Instagram page and yes i do think ‘is this good enough’. Which is a complete wrong mindset to have! I like to go to the gym and get fit… does Instagram help me with that? Yes and no. It can help motivate me to ‘look a certain way’ due to the amazing figured girls posting their bikini pictures, but it also puts so much pressure on myself to have to look that way, even though we should all love ourselves for who we are and what we look like. I struggle with self love and i’m trying to decide whether social media is helping me love who i am or making it harder.

I do like Instagram, but i do think its filled with fake life’s trying to impress and be better than all their followers. It’s now more of a competition, rather than a place to post exciting things you do in your life. I remember my first post on Instagram being this attempted quirky photo of an alarm clock…because back then it was more focused on getting the perfect shot with great focus and a blurred background, rather than who’s sat on the best beach or who’s social life is amazing.

Facebook i think is the social media platform that has changed the most. When i first started using it, all of my friends were playing Farmville or Restaurant City and putting status’ about Eastenders or what they just ate for dinner. It was a much younger demographic in past years with cringey status’, but now all i see down my timeline is mum’s posting about their garden or funny memes about their children. The younger generation have stopped using Facebook and the older generation has taken over! Nothing wrong with this but just in the space of a few years, the platform demographic, for me personally, has changed.

I don’t personally see an issue with Facebook and i do think its a good platform; being nosy and seeing what people are up to. However, the bad side of it could be the posts that are shared with can cause negativity or arguments due to all different opinions.

Twitter to me, is the most ‘okay’ platform. Its filled with funny tweets, photos, videos, GIFs and it feels like a community of people just enjoying what content is available. It’s filled with all types of ages and by creating threads or your replies to a tweet being shown to your followers, it allows people to start a conversation together and join in with the topic. Twitter is full of opinions but i rarely ever see something bad on my timeline – it could depend on who i follow but from my point of view, it’s more of a funny platform where a community is made.

Social media can be bad and cause affect on peoples mental health. It’s such a popular thing now and its constantly growing with new users across all platforms. I do think people are trying to work on making Instagram in particular more positive; a lot of fitness influences are focusing more on making their followers feel good rather than promoting weight loss products which in-fact trigger illness’. People are noticing what social media can do to people and they’re trying to fix it to be a positive place for people to document their life without feeling pressure and worrying about likes more than their education exams.

It will be interesting to see the continuing changes of social media in future years, considering how much it has changed just within the past 10 years (that i have experienced).

Q and A about me!

1. What is your full name?

Georgia Terry

2. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?


3. Where are you from?


4. What are your best characteristics?

I’d say around people I’m pretty positive and a funny person to be with

5. What is your biggest fear?

Probably not doing enough to make people proud of me. I’m someone who likes to do well and be happy with my achievements but other people to also be super proud of me and feel like I’ve really achieved something

6. What is your eye color?


7. What inspires you?

Being able to afford a good life for myself and my future family (husband and kids). So I like to work hard and think of my future career to have the money to do things with my family

8. What is the most important thing in your life?

Being successful; I don’t like to fail and do things wrong and I always want to better myself so finding ways to do that is important to me.

9. What is your favorite quote?

Everything happens for a reason

10. What is your favorite snack?

Chocolate!!!!! Probably dairy milk…but I love most chocolate

11. What are your hobbies?

I like to go to the gym,shopping,baking,going for walks, lunch with friends and cinema dates

12. What is your favourite social media channel?

Probably Instagram because I love to be nosey looking at peoples life’s but then Instagram can be very tough on my confidence because of all the stunning girls on there so it’s a mixture of good and bad

Disney on a budget?

Disney on a budget? Is it possible? YES! Although I’m not quite sure how my partner and I brought home as much money as we did, I believe Disney on the cheap side can be possible.

In the Disney village there are big branded restaurants which are expensive however there’s ways around it! For example, for one meal instead of having a main, I decided to have 2 starters as my main which saved us €4. Okay I hear you…’that’s only €4′ but if you’re a family of 4…saving some money by changing around the meals could make a huge difference! Another thing, try tap water more often! Drinks in Disney are fairly expensive for what you get but there’s a way to hydrate without the extra €3/€4. Tap water is free and it really doesn’t taste that bad!

Are you travelling by train? Perfect! Cancel the breakfast from your hotel and take your own food from your supermarket! My partner and I did our Tesco shop and bought some biscuits, pastries, cartons of orange juice and more which came to roughly £15. If we wanted to pay for breakfast in the hotel it would’ve been an extra £50 each! So we saved £75 just on breakfast. It obviously can depend on how many of you are visiting Disney but for the 2 of us it was worth doing and every time I go to Disneyland Paris, I will take my own breakfast and save some £££!! It’s worth thinking about and seeing if it could work out better for you.

Magic breaks!!!!!!! Visit the website magic breaks now and book your Disney holiday! This website is amazing for Disney deals (a friend of mine visited a travel agent and even they said ‘we don’t know how magic breaks gets it so cheap, we can’t beat them’). My partner and I searched different dates and duration for different Disney hotels so many times to find our best deal and we ended up with Disney hotel Cheyenne, for 4 nights…less than £300 each! It’s amazing! The staff also at magic breaks are so helpful and will try to get the deal as cheap as possible for you,don’t be afraid to ask for any discount – we got our room tax taken off which saved us £6. Also with magic breaks, they gave us 3 discount vouchers for:

  1. Earl of Sandwich breakfast – 10% off
  2. Earl of Sandwich – 15% off
  3. Planet Hollywood – 15% off

Saving money whenever/wherever you can!

Also, don’t forget to search around the shops as much as possible to find those sale items! We got 3 mugs and a set of 4 glasses for €21 when they would’ve been a total of €60!!!

There may be many more ways to save money but these are some ways that myself and my partner found very effective for us!

Disneyland Paris in February

So, I’ve just got back from the most amazing time in Disneyland Paris with my partner. We went from the 12th-16th of February just before half term started.

Weather wise, we were super lucky! With a place like Disney that involves rides and a lot of walking, you want the weather to be acceptable – no rain. Fortunately, the sun was out the whole time and only one morning was -2 (freeeeeezing!!!). The night time was also slightly cold but nothing a few layers and gloves couldn’t fix! Other than that, the day time weather was just perfect! Some parts of the day the sun was so hot and it almost made me feel like it was spring time! Therefore, I think February can be a risky time to go because the weather is all over the place (Disney was filled with snow 2 weeks before we went) but, if the sun is out and the temperature is higher than minus, then you should be okay!

Following on from the lucky weather, the amount of people in the park was also on our side! We were in Disney over Valentine’s Day and I was slightly worried that it would be packed with couples because of this. However, only Valentine’s Day was busy – easy access from Paris for couples to visit for the day. I say busy, but it was still bare-able just higher wait times for the rides. The Saturday, our departure day was manic! Although Saturdays are much busier due to people being off work and it was also the beginning of the kids half term (150 minute wait for Big Thunder Mountain!!!!) Other than those 2 days, the rest of the week was just right! The amount of people made it ‘nice busy’ where you wasn’t bumping into people constantly but also a good amount of people to create the atmosphere.

If you’re able to visit Disney out of school holiday times, then do it! It saves you money and you can experience more because you aren’t queuing for over an hour per ride. February is a risk but for us it worked out amazingly! So for me personally, I would go again in February due to the lower price and the parks being less busy.

The Blog Beginning


I’m G and this is me attempting to document my life and start a blog.

I currently believe this blog will be a bunch of different things from travel/holidays, days out, work, recipes, Disney and health (gym,anxiety).

Granted, I’m not the best at English written communication so do bare with me! But I enjoy writing and want to express my feelings and opinions in a little space that can be focused on what I want and like.

So, let’s see how this goes!