Disney Quiz!

During this lockdown time, myself and Joe have been trying to come up with quizzes for each other and I recently created a Disney one for him! It has 3 sections, colours, films and parks. Ill post the questions with the answers at the end... Questions: Colours: What colours are the buttons on Buzz’s outfit? … Continue reading Disney Quiz!

Disney Q&A collaboration with Bibbidi Bobbidi Trends!

Myself and Charlotte from have teamed up to share a good old classic Disney Q&A! I'm so happy to be able to do a collab blog post, especially talking about Disney. Below are Charlotte's answer to our Disney Q&A. If you want to join in, leave your answers below, I'd love to read them! … Continue reading Disney Q&A collaboration with Bibbidi Bobbidi Trends!

10 working from home tips!

A lot of us are currently working from home, some of us who have never really done so before (myself included). At the beginning of working from home which was 3 weeks ago now, I was almost excited to and wanted to settle into a nice routine and be productive, but now 3 weeks later...I'm … Continue reading 10 working from home tips!

WDW Prep 29 – Universal Studios

Some of you may be thinking... Georgia why are you including Universal Studios in your Walt DISNEY World prep series.. I get it, they're competitors, but this is a preparation series and a lot of people who visit Disney World, also head over to Universal for a few days. That's what I'm going to be … Continue reading WDW Prep 29 – Universal Studios

WDW Prep 28 – Disney after hours and H20 glow nights

Disney after hours event is an event myself and Joe are debating to do one time we go WDW. Personally, I think the only reason why we wouldn't do it, is because of the late night and then wanting to make sure we can fit everything in the following day. But, we love the idea … Continue reading WDW Prep 28 – Disney after hours and H20 glow nights

WDW Prep 27 – Dining Reservations

On the 16th of March, myself and Joe made our Disney World dining reservations. To give you some context with this all, currently it's a very weird situation to have my first WDW holiday booked but not really knowing whether I will now actually be able to go due to the virus. However, we had … Continue reading WDW Prep 27 – Dining Reservations

WDW Prep 26 – Magic Hours to the parks

Magic hours are a fantastic way for you to get into the parks when they're a tad quieter to do what you want and see what you want. For a brief description of the magic hours, Disney's website says: Each day, Guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels have the opportunity to enjoy … Continue reading WDW Prep 26 – Magic Hours to the parks