WDW Prep 23 – Transport around Disney World

Disney doesn’t lack in the transport options to get to and from your hotel and the parks. Obviously staying in a Disney hotel is going to be easier for transport, however, normally people who stay outside of the parks, hire a car which is super easy and convenient for them!

I wanted to let you know of the different transport options if you’re staying in a Disney hotel.

Firstly, you obviously have the free shuttle busses. This is probably the most used way of getting around because they are regular, they turn up at your hotel, and they’re free! This will be the transport I use most because I don’t want to spend loads of money on other transport, when this is free!

It does depend on what hotel you stay in for what transport you can get. For example, I’m staying in the All Star Spots resort, which doesn’t have the skyliner connected to it. You can easily find out what hotels have what transport available via google or by contacting the resort!

Another way to get around is via Minnie Vans. These vans (well it’s a car but the name van so I’ll say van haha!) look SO cool! They’re defo an arrive in style type of transport. However, they are an expensive option. It seems that its $15 flat rate and then you pay per mile. This could be an option if you’re in a rush for a reservation or fast pass, or last-minute spontaneous plans, or if you just missed your bus. However, I don’t think Joe and I will use this option a lot just simply because of the price.

Along with Minnie Vans, there is Uber and Lyft. Just like how you’d order an Uber or Lyft normally, use the app! People say that this is the quickest way to get around and also doesn’t cost too much either! It does depend on how far from your resort it is to the park you want to go to, but maybe instead of using Minnie Vans, check out Uber and Lyft!

The monorail is another option! The monorail is a train style type of transport and it’s high up, so you’ll get to see some great views while on it. For me, I may prefer this option just because I can get quite bad travel sickness in cars. However, the monorail is limited to the places it picks up from and goes to. The monorail is on a loop from the Deluxe Resorts and travels to Magic Kingdom and the Transport and Ticket Centre; from here you can travel to Epcot. This is another free option of transport in Disney, so try to make the most of it instead of paying out for a car. Plus, to me, the monorail looks really futuristic!

Some people will also have the option to take the boat from place to place. Even though I won’t be able to get the boat from my resort, I’m defo going to make sure I take the boat one day just because it looks so relaxing and fun. It’s something different to just sitting in a car, you get the views, amazing scenery and some peaceful relaxing time on the water. However, just like most of these transports, check what is available from your resort or what transport you can get depending on where you want to go.

Finally, the newest addition to the transport options is the skyliner. I can’t wait to travel on this! Granted, it isn’t going to be an option for everyone if you have a fear of height or simply don’t like the idea of it just being on a wire haha! A tip for the skyliner, is to try and get a pod that doesn’t have an image wrap around it. People have said that when it has the wrap around it, the view isn’t as great. Each Disney skyliner gondola can seat up to ten guests, so you have room for a lot of your party to be together in one! The skyline goes to Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Also, this is free!

So, you have many options for transport in Disney, however it is also limited depending on what hotel you stay in. Always check with a cast member or at reception of how you could travel to a particular place. Personally, I think I may get slightly confused as to what transport I need to take to get somewhere, but doing it a few times and asking people will make it all fine!

WDW Prep 22 – Hollywood Studios Attractions

Hollywood studios potentially has most of the rides I’m most excited about to ride. However, since there is a studios park in DLP, i have been on some before but I’ve been told that they are different in WDW.

First up, Rock N Roller coaster. Oh boy I can’t wait to ride this again. The one at Paris makes my head feel like it’s been beaten with a bat, however apparently the one at WDW is much calmer on the head..I hope so anyway! Rock N Roller is such a fun ride and I love the music from Aerosmith that is put with it. The speedy start at the beginning really gets me pump and filled with excitement. This ride i would say is more for people who really enjoy fast, thrilling rides but I also think it’s a good ride to get you liking more extreme rides. It’s so fun. If you haven’t been on it before then you have to at least try it! I’m sure you will have soooo much fun on it. Plus, it’s a dark ride so you can’t really see what’s going on anyway, just listen to the music in your ear and scream!

Entering Toy Story land, we have Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania. 3 rides I can’t wait to go on! Slinky Dog seems like a massive favourite for a lot of people currently. It’s a simplistic rollercoaster so good for anyone who is 97cm +. I also like that it’s outdoors. A lot of the rides across all the parks are inside. Whereas Slinky, you can actually see what’s going on and wave to your family down below. Plus, it’s such a colourful ride without even focusing on the HUGE SLINKY that you sit in!!!! Such a cool idea and concept, they really did well with this one.

Alien Swirling Saucers is a much calmer ride. Again, another one for the kids. I will probably go on this one but it isn’t like a must do, I’d go on it if the queue is short. It’s basically like bumper cars but without the bumping and instead you’re in an alien cart. It spins you around and has some sharp turns, so really this is one for the little kiddos!

Then Toy Story Mania is basically like Buzz Lightyear space ranger. It’s a game style ride where you have to shoot to score points. I love Buzz’s version so I can’t wait to take part on this one too..and of course…lose to Joe as per usual. Get your competitive boots on, its game time!

Tower of Terror I’m sure manyyyyy people have heard about. Especially, because it’s a big building within the park so you can’t miss it! Plus other Disney parks have either Tower of Terror or in Disneyland California it’s called Guardians of the galaxy mission breakout, but it’s the same concept! Therefore, it’s a well known ride throughout the Disney parks. I LOVE TOWER OF TERROR. Purely because so far, it’s one of the rides that actually makes me nervous and shit myself a bit. It is scary no denying that but it’s a must do. I dragged Joe on it twice now I think and every time he is bricking it but tbh so am I. It’s a ride that basically just goes up and drops you. But the way you feel when it’s dropping you is insane. I can’t explain it really, just go on it!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge…well well welll…don’t I have one excitable me boyfriend to visit here. As some of us are aware, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a recent opening to Hollywood Studios. And this recent opening has been massive! People are LOVING it, even before all the rides were open! The newest ride opening was the Rise of the Resistance. Personally, I can’t actually tell you anything about this ride because I have been avoiding the spoilers. I want this to be completely new to me so I haven’t looked into it. But I know for sure there are many videos on YouTube of this attraction so go head and see! There’s also Smugglers Run which I’ve seen a little bit about. Basically you get given a job role for the Millennium Falcon and it’s down to you to get through the mission and survive (I think). It seats 6 people and there’s 3 different types of jobs. A pilot, gunner and engineer. It seems as though the pilot job is the most stressful…let on know me…I will get the pilot job, god help the people in there with me! I’ve heard insanely great things about this ride. People almost can’t believe it’s actually a real thing and how high tech it is. I truly cannot wait to take part in the Star Wars rides. I have a feeling they’re going to blow mine and joes mind.

Also opening on the 4th of March 2020, is Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway. Disney describe this as ‘Zip away on a zany adventure through a cartoon universe crammed with surprises’.

When looking at the list of rides at Hollywood Studios, I was actually filled with excitement because they’re new and so improved with technology and based on Toy Story and Star Wars which me and joe love! Plus, I also get my DLP fix in a way because there’s rides from that park at WDW too!

My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers

For me, I absolutely love spending my weekend or evening watching Disney vlogs. I do this quite often so I’ve gone through a good selection of YouTubers and I thought to share with you my favourite people to watch!

Jade Billington – Jade is the cutest, sweetest girl ever! Her and Matt her husband go Disney often and always record every day they’re there! They have an upcoming trip in the next few months so they’ll have new vlogs to watch but she has plenty from previous trips for you to get stuck into! They’re seem like such a lovely couple and make their vlogs so easy and happy to watch. I can’t wait for her next trip to see all about it, especially since it would be only a few months till I go – the excitement will be crazy!!! Not only does Jade do Disney park vlogs, she also has Disney themed videos which I love too!

Brogantatexo – I think I’ve watched Brogan’s Disney vlogs 4 times now? I just find her calming to watch and how excited she gets it just makes me so happy! Before and after the trip, Brogan does helpful Disney trip videos to inform you on how she planned, how to do fast passess etc etc. Therefore, you get to see the fun but also understand the knowledge of the trip too. Brogan has a playlist on her channel which includes her Disney vlogs so they’re easy to find! She also recently went Disneyland in California so it was nice to see that park along with WDW.

So Helena & Martyn – My favourite DLP vloggers! I think I found these guys last year and I just instantly clicked with their videos. They are now annual pass holders for Disneyland Paris so I expect there will be regular Disney vlogs. What I like about Helena and Martyn vlogs is that they’re short. Sometimes I do want it to continue though because I’m so invested into it and just love watching them, but it’s also nice to have a shorter vlog compared to some people who have an hour. Don’t get me wrong I love a good long vlog to cosy down and watch, but sometimes I just want a quick fix of Disney! I also love watching DLP vlogs because that’s the only Disney park I have been to, so I like to reminisce and I can relate to their videos.

Adam Hattan – Adam is a great guy! He has mannnnnny Disney vlogs to watch so if you want a binge then Adam is your guy! I particularly like his vlogs with Gary in. They get on so well and I find myself laughing out loud sometimes when they crack a joke! Plus, Adam knows a lot about Disney so his vlogs are also informative as well as being a fun watch. Also, I think because Adam has been WDW often, he does other things instead of just going into the parks. For example, he may go to restaurants in another resort or take park in a seasonal event.

Disney in Detail – I recently started watching Victoria from Disney in Detail. Victoria is also someone who goes to WDW often but she has also been to Tokyo which I have yet to watch but it’s cool to have a selection of Disney park vlogs to choose from! I personally think that Victoria would be interesting for people who like to see more of the parks and shops compared to the rides. Obviously she goes on the rides but she videos more of new merchandise and the prices of things so you get more of an idea of Disney as a whole instead of what the rides are like.

AllEars.Net – Ah I love Molly. Molly is hilarious. I especially like the challenges she does, such as ‘Can we do it all in one day’ for each WDW park. They’re so fun to watch and such a laugh at times too. Me and my boyfriend really enjoy watching Molly because they’re slightly different to the ordinary walk round the Disney parks. Plus, she has so much knowledge that I also learn as I watch.

DFBGuide – I assume most people are aware of AJ. She’s a very popular Disney vlogger but AJ’s videos are mainly all about food. There are some informative videos such as latest Disney news, but if you need to know anything about food at Disney then you know what to do…watch AJ! AJ has also helped a lot with planning since we see what she eats and me and Joe are like yep we defo want to try that.

These are the vloggers I watch pretty much weekly. It all depends really what style of Disney videos you are into because they all offer slightly different vlogs but all based on Disney and the parks. They are probably the well known Disney vloggers so some of you may already be aware of them but those who aren’t take a watch!!

My first Disney Giveaway!

Hey everyone! So it’s coming up to a year of me having my blog and Instagram account and so I wanted to do something to thank you for the support. The best idea I could think of was a giveaway. This is running over on my Instagram account (@the_disney_way). I’m giving away some Frozen gifts which includes an Elsa pop figure and the CUTEST Olaf mug I have ever seen.

The rules are simple:
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There’s more information on my Instagram post but I’d love for you to get involved! ENTER HERE!

WDW Prep 21 – Hollywood Studios Entertainment

I’m really excited for the entertainment at Hollywood studios, I’m sure I’ve said this for EVERY PARK BUT HERE WE ARE SAYING IT AGAIN…just so much excitement you know?

Anyway, to me, there’s some great entertainment in this park which is on my list of must do’s.

A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is definitely on my list. Since Frozen 2, I have became even more obsessed with Frozen. To the point I listen to the film soundtrack daily…am I nearly 21 or 12? Who knows. Unfortunately for Joe, he is gonna be dragged to this show because I can’t pass it up! I’ve seen video clips of it before and it looks so cute and fun! I’ve also heard that there are some adult jokes in there because obviously they’re aware parents are going to be watching and it’s a way to include them aswell as their kids. The show goes on for 30 minutes and there’s plenty of showings throughout the day: 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM,

5:30 PM, 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. So hopefully due to the amount of showings, you will be able to see it! However you can also book a fast pass for it if you were worried about missing it. The show involves clips from the movie, along with seeing the characters and of course, singing along!

Fantasmic! Is a night show that you NEED to see!!!!!! I’ve tried to avoid as much as possible of this show because I want it to be a surprise for when I go. However, it’s a stunning effects show, with music, water lights and over 50 performers. Some of the characters you can see are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King; a great mixture! This show is for all ages but bare in mind it is a night show so could be tiring for some little kiddo’s. It runs for 30 minutes which I think is a brilliant length of time to finish off the day at Hollywood Studios! The show time currently is at 8PM, BUT ‘Fantasmic! is performed on select nights only. Be sure to check our Entertainment Schedule, the My Disney Experience app or the Times Guide at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for showtimes.’

Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular is one of the entertainment shows I am most excited about. Granted I’m not a huge Indiana Jones, I don’t even think I’ve seen the films but this show seems so fun to watch!! The reason why I’m excited for this show is because they show you the behind the scenes aswell as the amazing effects. I really enjoy knowing how things work! This is another show that’s 30 minutes long, which I’m sure would go much faster than you think! I also think kids would love this show because it’s action packed and it’s about the performers dodging traps, fighting the bad guys and watch out for the big ball..you’ll know what I mean when you see it. There aren’t as many showings of this but you can see this show at 12:00 PM, 1:15 PM, 3:15 PM, 4:45 PM and 6:00 PM. But again, always check the times when you are visiting because they can change.

One for the kids is the Disney Junior Dance Party. This is for preschooler/kids age. Your kids gets to see Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, Timon and Mickey where they’ll all dance together for a good 25 minutes! So if you need a plan on how to make your kids tired for a nap, boom you’ve got it right here haha! I think this is such a lovely idea for Disney to do. It really brings together the kids and is something specifically for them which I’m sure they’ll love because they also get to see characters. There’s many opportunities to take part in the dance and sing along party: 10:15 AM, 11:05 AM, 11:55 AM, 12:45 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:20 PM, 4:10 PM and 5:00 PM.

Wonderful World of Animation is a new nighttime show in Hollywood Studios. You get to see a collection of new, classic and rarely seen animated films as you watch the journey through 90 years of Pixar and Disney. It’s only for 12 minutes so it’s a fairly short show. It is shown on the Chinese Theatre which I think is so impressive to have it shown on something like that. Some of the films included are Sleeping Beauty, Coco and The Incredibles. As much as I think everyone will enjoy this one, I think it will be more of a favourite for the die hard Disney fans and the people who have grown up with Disney; because it’s a journey of the progress of the films, how sweet! This show is on at 7:35PM.

There are some Star Wars entertainment too. Including Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular which is a nighttime firework show, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away which is a live stage show of moments from the films and there’s also Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple where your kids can train to be a Jedi and also gets to put their skills to the test against the dark side.

Along with all of this, you of course have the character meet and greets, including Mike and Sulley, the Toy Story crew and Chewbacca!

Wicked the Musical – London Westend

Friday night I finally got to see Wicked up the Westend in London! I’ve always heard such good things about this show so it was time I saw it.

Our seats were quite high up but for £32 you couldn’t complain, we were in the middle so we could see everything, I guess it’s just that you can’t see their faces as well. We booked our tickets from the Wicked official site since they were the cheapest we could find at that current time. But I suggest looking at a few sites because there’s always different deals or prices! Just obviously ensure the site is legit.

I was so excited to hear Defying Gravity live and wow was I amazed. The voice of Elphaba (the wicked witch) was INSANE. All I was thinking about is how I’d love to be able to sing and perform like them because it’s just so beautiful to hear and it’s amazing to have a skill like that.

Anyway, the singing was fantastic from all the cast but especially Elphaba and Glinda (the main characters). However, the show was more funny than what I thought it would’ve been. I kinda expected a ‘scary’ vibe but it wasn’t scary at all!! At one stage, Glinda was wearing a blue dress and she has blonde hair so she looked a bit like Elsa from Frozen and they actually play to this by her saying ‘let it go’ during one of the scenes which I think is a brilliant crossover of shows. Plus they also make references to the Wizard of Oz since this is the show linked with that, but for example, Glinda called the dog ‘Dodo’ instead of ‘Toto’ so they humour it.

The customers were so amazing too! The dresses that Glinda wore were super pretty and defo something a princess would wear! And a weird one but I was so shocked as to just how green Elphaba was…like god knows how she gets that off every night??? It must be a nightmare haha!

The set was also pretty impressive. They have a huge dragon at the top which moves and lets out steam, and for those old theatres, that’s pretty cool!

The other characters were great but Elphaba and Glinda we’re defiantly the stars of the show. They added the friendship, the storyline, the humour and gave across a good message for the audience. I really enjoyed Wicked but I do think my only negative would be is that it felt quite long. Whether I thought this because it was a Friday night and I just wanted to be at home in bed after a full week of work, but it just felt a bit like ‘okay hurry up now’. But other than that, a brilliant show and I recommend you see it!

WDW Prep 20 – Hollywood Studios Food

Hollywood Studios could possibly be the park I’m most excited to eat in…granted it isn’t going to be possible to eat in all the restaurants I’d like to because we also have other things to do instead of visit this park every day haha! So I’m pretty excited to write this blog post considering my main bucket list restaurants come from Hollywood Studios.

First up is the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This restaurant looks insane inside. It gives off such a back in the day, American theme. Basically, inside this restaurant are cars which have tables in the front seat and the back seat. So you could have 4 people to a car (most likely because it’s a popular restaurant!) but the tables are spread out enough that you aren’t eating on top of each other or for the people either in front or behind you to bother you. While you sit in your fancy car, there’s a huge screen that plays movie clips. If I’m not explaining this to actually make some sense, here’s a photo:

This restaurant serves lunch and breakfast and is obviously an American cuisine. The price for this restaurant I think is sooo reasonable considering the atmosphere of the restaurant. There’s burgers from $19, Chicken pasta for $24 and a cookie shake for $7! A good wide selection of meals and treats. I can’t wait to visit here!

50’s Prime Time Café is a unique themed dining experience. The theme is obviously based on the 50’s like what the name says! Back in the day, families (parents) were very much demanding on eating your veg and finishing all your food. I am someone who doesn’t eat their veg or finishes their meal, so because of this, joe wants to take me here so the cast members who act, can tell me off…personally I’m not looking forward to it because it’s going to be quite frankly really embarrassing…BUT because of how the cast members act and the atmosphere of the restaurant I think kids and adults would really enjoy the experience here. Especially since the design inside is so different to restaurants we see these days. This restaurant also serves lunch and dinner. Meals ranging from, pork chops, chicken pot pie, salmon and meatloaf! Plenty of different meals to meet everyone’s preferences. Again, I think this restaurant is reasonable price and worth the money since you get an experience from it too! It’s around $15-$35 per adult.

Epic Eats is where you can get a funnel cake from. From what I’ve heard about funnel cakes, apparently they’re incredible. So I thought to include this incase any of you have heard about the funnel cakes or if you haven’t, that they’re a recommended treat! There’s different kinds of funnel cakes that have different toppings on, but for a plain one with just sugar it’s $6.79.

With the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you now have the Milk Stand to visit. This sells the blue and green milk which is served frozen. I’m very intrigued to try this, however I’m not sure if I’m actually going to like it that much. But for me, and joe (he’s a huge Star Wars fan) it’s a must try for when we go! There’s been mixed reviews on the milk, some people love it and some people dislike it. The non alcoholic milk is $7.99 but there’s also a alcoholic version which is $14. Defo have a try!!

Woody’s lunch box is one of the newest restaurants due to Toy Story land opening fairly recently. I’ve heard good things about Woody’s lunch box, with the only negative being there’s no inside seating so do bare this in mind. Woody’s lunch box is a quick service, cheap pit stop serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can get a smoked turkey breakfast sandwich. The lunch and dinner menu is the same, which includes the famous grilled 3 cheese sandwich which seems to be a favourite. There isn’t a huge variety of dishes here but it would be a great one for the kids to enjoy and you can’t go wrong with a sandwich!

There’s also dining packages available at Hollywood Studios, including dining with an imagineer (which is VERY expensive but if you’re into the creativity of Disney then you would love this) or you can do the Fantasmic! Dining package which includes a 3 course meal and then VIP viewing of the show. Again, another expensive option. And there’s also one for the kids, Disney early morning magic in Toy Story land where you can be among the first guests to ride the attractions while also meeting the characters and enjoying a breakfast. This is also over $60 to do.

Even though the package deals/VIP experience deals are expensive, for some people out there it would be so worth spending that bit more for the experience. But always check the dates and times available.

Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

If I could work anywhere in Disney, I think I would want to work in the Bakery shop down Main Street. I love baking and especially love the smell of baked goods. I absolutely love walking into the Bakery shop and seeing all the different sweets, chocolates and bakes. The design of the shop is super cute and pretty that I can’t help but smile when I walk in. I think because I have always enjoyed baking, it would be fun to be able to serve the bakes and be surrounded by that smell all day! I also think working inside a shop is probably a better idea since there is air con and the heat outside…I don’t think I’d be able to deal with day in day out.

Another place I’d like to work at in Disney is probably the UK pavilion in Epcot. I’m from Essex but work in London and I feel like being able to talk to people as someone who has worked in the city would be pretty cool. I have visited London ever since I was a kid and now being able to work there is quite surreal and amazing. Although, my accent probably isn’t what people think I should sound like. Because I’m from Essex I can sometimes come across as ‘very Essexsy’. I’m not as bad as some people but for people to do an impression of the Queen when someone tries to do an English accent, they may have a shock when they hear me haha! Anyway, I do think it would be nice to work in the UK pavilion since I believe I can relate to it well and tell people my experience of London well, considering I’m in London at least 5 days a week.

If I could work on a ride, I would have to go for a ride which doesn’t involve much acting. For example, Tower of Terror, the cast members are incredible at how they act and speak to the customers; something that I couldn’t do. Nor do I think I could work on a ride which is for young children, I’m not the best with kids…Therefore, maybe Rock N Roller because again it’s inside so I won’t be burning to death and it’s a pretty chilled environment. Plus, it’s a ride where people of a certain height can only go on, so it potentially is more towards older children. Although I do think one of the mountain rides would be pretty cool to work on just because of how popular and known they are. To work on one of the most popular rides would be great to tell people!

Granted, I do think also I’d like to work at the reception of a hotel. I would love to be able to see people arrive everyday and experience the hotel for their first time and see the excitement on their faces when they check in. It would be so cute to be one of the first people they talk to within Disney and start their holiday off amazingly. I also think this would work well with the fact that I’d mainly be talking to adults since they would be the ones to check their family in and so I wouldn’t have the fear of talking to a child…it’s strange to think one day I’ll have my own child yet at the age of 20 I’m scared of them…lord help me. But I think a hotel job would be nice and much more relaxing compared to one in the busy parks.

As I mentioned before I couldn’t work in a job that involved dealing with the kids a lot. It’s just not who I am, I can’t talk to them like how EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES. I also don’t think I could work in a waitress role because I couldn’t carry more than one plate at a time and I bet that is such a tiring, non-stop role. Lastly, I don’t think I’d want to work in a role dealing with the transport. Such as at the Monorail or bus station. I think I’d find this too boring and not much going on!

So, here are a few roles I wouldn’t mind working in and some I wouldn’t want to. I have no hate towards any of these roles mentioned above, this is just my own personal thoughts and opinions and having worked in customer service before, I have an idea of what I can and can’t do.

WDW Prep 19 – ESTA’s

Well, I didn’t realise just how easy it is to apply for an ESTA. A quick overview brief of an ESTA just for those who may be unsure on what it is. You need an ESTA to be able to enter the USA. The ESTA allows visitors to be in the USA for up to 90 days for the sake of tourism, business or transit. An ESTA lasts for 2 years, from the date it gets approved. I’m already planning my next trip to America just to make the most of it haha!

The price of my ESTA was $14 which worked out to be £11. Personally I think this price is pretty great considering it lasts 2 years!

Here is the website I used: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and I simply clicked create new application and then there’s a few pages of forms to fill out online. Details they ask for is your passport number and issue date, address, where you’re staying in America, and emergency contact. Pretty simply stuff and then obviously the questions of whether you’ve been arrested etc etc.

It probably took me about 10 minutes, if not less to fill it all out and pay! I expected it to be more complex because of what it is about and the security of America but it was easy!

Once you’ve paid, you are sent an email with your application process for you to check to see how it’s going. So, I’m currently waiting for mine to be approved!

It feels so much more real now that I’ve applied for an ESTA…I can’t wait to finally get to Walt Disney World!!!

Disney themed date ideas

As someone who loves a date day and night, I was thinking how I can make a date Disney themed.

Here are a few ways to have a Disney themed date! 

I’ll start off with the idea that may not be applicable for everyone. However, for me, being only a short train journey away from London, an idea is to see a Disney themed show such as The Lion King. The west end theatre shows are so good and luckily, I’ve been able to see some over the years. I’ll admit they are pretty expensive so it will be an expensive date, but it could be for a celebration or a birthday which may make you feel better about spending £50 on a ticket. A theatre show is a perfect date for a Disney fan but also for someone who may not be into Disney that much – the shows the theatres put on are so fun to watch and the acting, singing, dancing is always incredible!

Another date idea I know of in London are Disney themed afternoon teas. I haven’t done an afternoon tea myself purely because I am a fussy eater and therefore probably wouldn’t eat most of the food, but they look so cute and sweet! They are in all different locations across London and more and more different themes are being produced. A nice day time lunch date for either you and your partner or even take your mum, mum’s love afternoon teas! Again, this idea can be an expensive idea but for how cute and creative the food ideas are, I think it’s worth it! I’ll try and go to one soon and then I can review it for you which may tempt you even more…

Now for an idea which is more relaxing and cost friendly. A Disney film day/night. Who doesn’t love spending a day snuggled up in bed or the sofa, with some snacks and plenty of films to watch? Sounds perfect to me and I love having a lazy day in my comfy clothes! I especially think this date idea is so much nicer during the winter months when its dark and horrible out, so you don’t mind spending time inside! Some films I suggest you watch are Tangled, Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, or you could go for a film collection of Star Wars or Marvel!

An activity you could do is baking! I recently did a blog post on baking Mickey cookies which was so fun to do. It did take some time to do but it was worth it in the end; especially the decorating part! Again, if you want to spend the day in but feel in the mood of doing something, then baking is a great idea! Check out the Mickey cookies recipe here – Mickey Cookies

Or if you’re not a baking fan, why not do something DIY! I have been thinking about creating something Disney themed but I’m not the best at arts and crafts and the end result would probably end up being quite offensive to Disney…but I thought to include some DIY ideas that may inspire you! An obvious one would be to make your own Disney ears. I see so many people making their own ears now and some even sell them. This could also be a fun idea to do with a group of friends or children. Or a cheap idea is to buy a cheap pair of shoes and draw some Disney designs on them. Draw your favourite characters, or a quote from a film, whatever you like! With the Christmas season coming up you could also think about making Disney decorations to hang up such as a wreath or a bauble. If you go on Pinterest, there will be loads of DIY ideas with tutorials available.

Want to get out the house? Shopping it is! I find it so fun to go around the shops and see what Disney items are around at the moment! Primark is a great place to look since they always have new stock and plenty of Disney products. Or visit the Disney Store to see official merchandise available. You don’t have to spend loads of money on buying things, a simple browse is always fun!

Or something that I love to do, especially now that I have my trip booked, is to plan a Disney trip! You can make lists what rides you want to go on, or snacks you want to try. Or even plan the most expensive Disney trip you can find. I love looking round at the parks to see what I want to do and making bucket lists for either a trip I have booked or activities I want to do in the future!

Deciding on date days and nights can be difficult. Joe and I have been together for over 4 years, so we’ve had a fair few dates so far and it does become hard to think of something new and to also keep the cost down. But I inspired myself with these ideas and will try to have more Disney themed dates! 

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs