Frozen 2 Film Review

I understand, I may be very late to the Frozen 2 party here but I just had to do a review on this film! Oh guys it’s just brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! It’s a fantastic film and I feel like because now we know the characters and they’re a little … Continue reading Frozen 2 Film Review

WDW Prep 13 – Epcot Entertainment

Week 13 of the WDW Prep series! That means there's only 39 weeks until my trip to WDW...OH MY GOD!!!!! This week, I researched into the entertainment at Epcot and it seems like this is one of the parks with the least entertainment. Here's what I've found: Since Epcot is filled with countries all over … Continue reading WDW Prep 13 – Epcot Entertainment

Disney Christmas gifts for men

It’s the 1st of December!! Christmas is just round the corner now and so we need to get these presents sorted! Men can be difficult to buy for right? But hopefully this blog post will help you treat your Disney loving brother, boyfriend, dad, uncle, whoever it may be! Where’s the Wookie? I’m sure most … Continue reading Disney Christmas gifts for men

Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Black Friday is nearly here! I got a email from shopdisney and I thought you know what I’m going to do a blog post about my favourite items on sale! EVERYONE GO CRAZY!!!!!’ YES THE BAYMAX TREE DECORATION IS ON SALE!!!! *adds to basket* This absolute adorable … Continue reading Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

WDW Prep 12 – Epcot Food

Epcot is probably the place for you food lovers out there. With it being a park full of different countries, there’s a wide range of different foods available to try! For example you have the UK, Mexico and Germany. I will try to not touch in the food and wine festival within this post since … Continue reading WDW Prep 12 – Epcot Food

The do’s and dont’s for your next Disney trip

Do: Meet Mickey! It’s an absolute must do for me to meet the main man/mouse himself. Meeting Mickey is always such a cute experience, and can you really visit Disney without getting a photo with him? I don’t think so! At Disneyland Paris, the meet and greet section for Mickey is so nice. When I … Continue reading The do’s and dont’s for your next Disney trip

WDW Prep 11 – What are Magic Bands and how do you use them?

Magic bands are probably the best invention that Disney produced. What is a Magic band you may ask? It's a wristband (kind of like a watch style but without a watch face, instead it being a printed Mickey) that is a device. The Magic band is such a useful, easy accessory for your trip. Understandably, … Continue reading WDW Prep 11 – What are Magic Bands and how do you use them?

Boohoo Disney Clothing items you need!

One of my favourite things to do is look online at the clothing websites to see what Disney items they have in stock at the moment! Boohoo currently have a brilliant Disney selection and I just had to share some bits with you! Just how cute is this Lion King PJ Set! I am in … Continue reading Boohoo Disney Clothing items you need!

Why should you go to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is a MUCH smaller Disney park compared to the others around the world. I have only ever visited Disneyland Paris and people love to tell me how I won’t be able to cope with the size difference of Walt Disney World when I visit there next year. I believe its going to be … Continue reading Why should you go to Disneyland Paris?

WDW Prep 10 – Magic Kingdom Attractions

We are already 10 weeks in to my WDW Prep series!'s flying by! Oh boy do we have some fantastic attractions in Magic Kingdom. Even looking at the list of them all makes me mad excited! Since there are some attractions in Disneyland Paris which are also in Magic Kingdom, I am aware of … Continue reading WDW Prep 10 – Magic Kingdom Attractions