Disney Christmas Activities to do!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!! To get yourself and your family in the spirit of Christmas, try some of these activity ideas:

Disney Christmas shopping:
Considering England are currently in another lockdown, actual physical shopping isn’t able to happen right now. But online is still there! However, if you can go out or if England can after the 2nd of December, it may be such a fun idea to go shopping looking for Disney items to buy your loved ones for Christmas. There are so many places that sell Disney inspired merch and products; especially leading up to Christmas. Some of my favourite places are, of course the Disney store, Primark, H&M, Asda and for online shops, Amazon, Etsy, and Shop Disney. Compared to a many years ago, the only Disney merch you could find was really in the Disney store, but now there are so many different shops that supply it! Shopping may be stressful for some, but for others it can be one of the best ways to get you in the Christmas mood!

Disney Nativity play:
Instead of having the classic nativity play, why not put a Disney twist on it. You can still inform and educate your children on the nativity story, but by adding in Disney characters it may be more fun for them! You could even try to dress up like the characters, or if you have teddies, use the Disney teddies to demonstrate the play!

Disney Christmas Decorations:
Normally at school when I was younger, I would be making little Christmas decorations to bring home to my parents…however why not do them together! As a family, or a bunch of friends, have an art’s and craft’s day! Whether it cutting out some Mickey head shapes and colouring in, or using felt to make some Olaf’s…get creative! You could hang them on your tree, or make a garland to put up around the house. Art’s and craft’s are for any ages.

Disney Christmas Book:
Similar to the nativity play, instead of acting, why not make up a Disney Christmas story. You could put all your ideas together, or write a chapter each. It will get imaginations flowing and at the end you’ll have your very own family story to read over the festive period! You may even want to create pictures to go with the story.

Disney Baking:
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with baking. A simple Disney Christmas bake could be shortbread cut out in the shape of Mickey’s head, Elsa’s snowflakes, or even classic Christmas shapes such as stockings, gingerbread men or a present! With the icing you can make them Disney themed by colours or text. Plus, once they’re decorated, you then have snacks to eat!!

Disney Christmas Movie night:
Whether it’s during the day or night, Disney Christmas movies are such a lovely way to get in the spirit. This activity is a nice chilled one where all you need to do is decide on a film and hit play. Disney+ is going to be brilliant at this time of year since they’ll supply all the Disney Christmas films! Such an easy way to come together as a family and relax.

Disney Scavenger hunt:
Maybe on Christmas eve, or as an advent calendar, you could do a scavenger hunt where people have to find a certain character to receive a present. Doing this as an advent calendar (everyday) may be quite expensive and time consuming but it’s a more fun twist on the usual chocolate advent calendars. Or like I said, as an early Christmas present, you could hold a longer scavenger hunt on Christmas eve where they have to find multiple characters to win a prize. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, especially if there is a reward at the end!

These are some ideas for you to add a Disney twist on your Christmas this year! Let me know if you try any with your family and friends 🙂

3 thoughts on “Disney Christmas Activities to do!

      1. Christmas is my favorite Holiday.

        Usually don’t think of presents early because too early ends up being the time where I don’t know what I want


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