Etsy Small Business Disney Christmas Items

I have been loving Etsy for a good few months now and I’m buying from there every so often! However, now it’s leading up to Christmas, I have been looking to see what people are creating and selling for this time of year! Here are a few of my favourite items:

A Mickey Christmas Style Votive Holder
I bought a halloween one of these a few weeks back and I LOVE IT. Therefore, I had to share with you the Christmas designs. Such a cute idea to add some Christmas spirit!

Disney inspired Christmas tree ornament Set (6 pieces)
I think these ornament’s are so nice! Plus, they come in a few different colours, so hopefully whatever colour scheme you have, you can find the right colour to go with! I love the glitter and the designs…think I may be purchasing these this year.

Christmas Wreath
I have been dying to get a Disney Christmas wreath ever since last year when Primark bought in their own. However, I have never been able to get my hands on one. And now that Primark is shut again thanks to Lockdown 2.0 in England, I may not be able to grab it. However, I’ve seen this one on Etsy which is so beautiful and it lights up!!!!! I’m so tempted. Even though it is a bit more pricey, I know that I’ll have this wreath for a good few years so it will be worth my money in the long run.

Personalised Disney Christmas Mug
Now, everyone loves getting a new Christmas mug right?? Well…look how CUTE this one is! You can also get it personalised which I think is such a sweet element to add. I love the classic design of it. They have soooo many options for colours too which is brilliant. Love it!

Disney inspired gingerbread Minnie and Mickey Christmas tree decorations
Another set of Christmas tree decorations…I just love the gingerbread style Mickey head shaped!!! I’m thinking of getting a Minnie and Mickey so it can be myself and my boyfriend haha! Plus, they’re such good price, only £8 for 2!

I adore all these items above and will most likely be making a purchase for them all soon. Supporting small businesses is so important, especially during the current times of lockdowns. Please, consider buying some small businesses to help them out!

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