What do I think of the seasonal events at Disney?

Seasonal times at Disney I think are fantastic. Understandably, Disney has the money to go all out for a seasonal event like Halloween or Christmas so their display and creations would be amazing. A goal in my life is to visit Disney during their Christmas period because it just looks beautiful and it would get me in the biggest Christmas mood of my life. Christmas is my favourite season, so I’d love to be a part of Disney’s celebrations for it.

I am absolutely loving seeing all the decorations through Instagram posts this year and is definitely putting me more in the mood for Halloween and I’m sure when the Christmas decorations are up, I’ll be so excited for that too! Even though I can’t get to the parks this year, it’s lovely to see people who can visit, sharing videos and photos of what it’s currently looking like.

When I visit WDW next year, I will be there during their Halloween season. As much as I’d like to see WDW for the first time with no theming, just pure Disney, I am quite excited to see their decorations for Halloween. Plus, Americans celebrate Halloween much more than what us Brits do, so I’m sure it would be so extra and great! This does mean that I obviously need a Disney Halloween top or something relating to Halloween to wear, I better get thinking already!

Anyway, is there anywhere in the world that looks better than Disney during a seasonal event? I don’t think so. Disney looks amazing as it is, but it defiantly spices things up when they have pumpkins everywhere or their massive Christmas tree down Main Street. What could put you in the seasonal mood more than Disney?

Not only do they decorate the parks, but they also release a huge amount of new merchandise themed for the seasons. I mean, I’ve been looking already at their Christmas tree decorations and they may be £13 per decoration but I believe I need almost every single one of them. I get excited to walk around my usual shops in town when it’s a season, god knows how I’m going to cope when I walk around the shops in Disney being faced with adorable, creative Halloween merchandise next year. And I don’t think no one will know how I’ll cope if I ever visit at Christmas – I will spend so much money on merchandise that only comes out once a year for a few weeks…help me…

Disney’s merchandise ideas and designs are just simply the best. They think of so much and so many different designs or products that just work and sell. I think it’s impressive just how much they can think of and produce every year and always thinking of new ways to promote the season!

Not only do they bring out new merchandise, but they also produce SEASONAL SNACKS!!! I think this is one of the best things not only in Disney but in my life. I absolutely love a good old snack but theming it makes it even better. Disney knows exactly how to draw me in to spend my money and themed snacks are the way for it. They really do go above and beyond to stand out and get people to buy their products but also feel so ‘festive’ and part of the season as much as possible.

I also think it’s great how they do seasonal events and shows. For example, the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party involves trick and treating in the Magic Kingdom…I mean, seriously CAN IT GET ANY BETTER! Joe mentioned about us maybe doing the MNSSHP which I think we should purely for the trick and treating. It also involves Halloween themed shows which I think is a great idea to have since it’s some extra entertainment which is only available if you attend the event. Instead of Disney just decorating the parks and releasing new snacks and merchandise, they also thought let’s bring everyone together in a special event, that has specific elements to it only available for the people who attend. It’s a great marketing technique and clearly very successful!

I love how extra Disney is when it’s a specific holiday. It continues to help them grow and appeal to more people and make the parks even more entertaining and fun! What’s your favourite season to celebrate at Disney?

3 thoughts on “What do I think of the seasonal events at Disney?

      1. Never thought about that. I have done other incredible seasonal things.

        Thanksgiving at Kanuga (Episcopalian Conference Center), McAenville Lights- two for example

        I actually to want to at some point visit NYC during one if its seasonal things- would prefer Christmas.


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