Onward Film Review

After missing out on watching Onward in the cinema, it was finally added to Disney+ and myself and Joe had to watch it as soon as!

Personally, just from the trailer, I wasn’t sure if this film was going to be my cup of tea. How I was so wrong!!!!

I was gripped throughout the film and didn’t even go on my phone…to me, that’s when I know I’m watching a good film. I found the film suitable for any age and one that most people would probably love.

It was funny at times but also emotional and heart wrenching. I didn’t expect to cry at this film at all, but at the end, I had a few tears (if you’ve seen it then you know what part I’m talking about). At first, I was a bit like…okay am I just crying because I cry at everything, but a few other Disney fans said they also got upset; so do prepare yourself!

I think the journey the boys went on was a really cool concept and the different obstacles they have to overcome. You meet good, funny characters along the way; the horse policeman was pretty hilarious! Also, it’s filled with so much magic and spells.

I loved the different style of film it was. It felt human like, but obviously the characters don’t really look like humans. But I think having the connection with the boys and their dad made me forget that they aren’t like me! I really enjoyed the storyline and I think because of how badly you want the boys to see their dad, it makes you feel tense throughout to see whether they do have time with all of him instead of just his legs!

Also, mentioning the legs…absolutely brilliant. You’d never think that you would consider a character to just be from the waist down, but for some reason it works! I thin this fact is right, but I believe that in the Pixar offices, they actually filmed employees legs to express different emotions just through their legs which they used in the film. I found this fact SO cool and amazing to think employees were really involved in making this film what is it. I really liked the twist of the legs in this film and it makes it something different compared to others.

I think the relationship between the brothers really became something special by the end of the film and personally, I love a cute, emotional family orientated film so it was pretty perfect for me.

I would happily watch Onward again already. I think it was probably one of my favourite films I’ve watched in a while and would love for my parents to watch it since I think they would crack up at some parts! If you haven’t seen it or don’t think you’ll like it then please at least give it a go and you may be surprised; I know I was!

I’d say Onward was probably either an 8 or a 9 out of 10 rating!

5 thoughts on “Onward Film Review

  1. I thought this was a fun one, and surprisingly touching. Probably one I’ll watch every couple of years. I love reading your Disney articles, and I’m nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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