What do I think of Disney Princesses?

As a child I was much more into Disney Princesses than what I am now. That could be simply because I’m older now or because there’s loads more Disney characters to fall in love with now, aka Baymax. But of course, I still love them and think they’re such a fantastic thing that Disney decided to create – they’re a girl gang I’d love to be apart of!

Back in the day, I’d say it was a close call to chose between Cinderella and Belle. I used to have a Cinderella outfit and probably could’ve lived in it if I was allowed to! I think also as a child, I liked Cinderella because she had the same colour hair as me…

As much as I still love Cinderella and Belle, my favourite princess now is Rapunzel. I think because of how much I love the film Tangled, it just changed my mind on my favourites. I especially think Rapunzel is SO beautiful and her hair is just insane, especially when it has the flowers in it!!! I also love her singing voice and the songs she sings in the films, so right now she’s my favourite. Also, she is the CUTEST BABY EVER at the start of the film (my heart melts every single time).

Although, my love for Belle defiantly came back when the remake of Beauty and the Beast came out, but then again that could’ve been because Emma Watson played her and I mean, who doesn’t love Emma????

However, in regards to the princesses, something that I absolutely love is in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck it Ralph 2), when Penelope bumps into the princesses and they’re all together and get into the pj’s…oh its just one of the best scenes in a film ever! If you haven’t seen the film then watch it, or even simply just watch this scene. I wish Disney would do more of this or even a film with them all in…oh my god IMAGINE HOW INSANE THAT WOULD BE!!!

I love the adaption that the princesses have had over the years. With how the world is these days, it’s so important to follow the generations and make sure everyone is included with the Disney magic, which I believe Disney are doing a great job at through the princesses. They’re great role models for kids to look up to and when I’m a mum, I will for sure be making my kids watch all the princess films for some motivation, inspiration and an overall girl boss outlook on life!

The Disney princess films are some of my favourite films and I think will forever be films I love up until I’m in my 80’s. They have such good meanings to them and storylines that keep me gripped and fill me with joy. I wonder what Disney would be like if they didn’t ever think about doing princesses…I’m so glad they did!

Who’s your favourite Disney Princess? Let me know by commenting!

2 thoughts on “What do I think of Disney Princesses?

  1. Honestly, my favorite Disney Princess is Charlotte from Princess and the Frog. She reminds me so much of me, and I live in southern Louisiana and I love that New Orleans feel!
    Hopefully they won’t make a live action for ten years because in ten years I’ll be able to audition to be her…

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