How to improve your Disney Instagram account

I’ve published some posts recently regarding Disney Instagram account tips, so I thought since I posted one about how to set up a Disney Instagram account, now could be a good time to post some tips about improving your account!

Over the time of having my Disney Instagram account, I have learnt a few things that can help increase your engagement and following.

The Disney community is such an amazing community to be apart of. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been lovely and I am so glad I made the decision of making an account to share my love for Disney.

Engagement group chats:
Instagram has made it clear that engagement on your posts is a way for your posts to be seen by more people. A while back, I got added to the most amazingly group. It started off with an account adding a few people into a group chat and suggesting that we all help each other out with our posts. The rules are, once you’ve posted a photo, post some emojis on the group chat to let the accounts in there know you’ve posted, and then they will engage with the post. Like, comments, shares and saves. Not only does this help your Instagram page and posts be seen more by people, it’s so super nice to have this support from accounts together and you being able to offer support back. I would honestly say the accounts in my group chat feel like friends to me and I’m SO happy I was asked to be involved. So, you could create your own engagement chat with a few accounts, get to know some people and support support support!

Follow trains:
I personally haven’t been involved massively in these before, but sometimes you may see some people you follow post about a follow train. Normally these mean that you follow the account tagged and follow everyone else who has followed that account (I hope that makes sense). Easy way to increase your followers and also follow some new accounts.

Like photos:
A pretty simple one really, but if you like people’s photos, they are most likely going to like back. What some people do is when they follow an account, they will go through and like a handful of their recent photos which is 1)helping their engagement 2)making them more aware of your account now following them 3)most likely going to result in them following back and returning the favour with likes.

Use a location tag:
By this I mean, when you post a photo, include the location of this photo. Personally, I would only include the location of the Disney parks such as ‘Disneyland Paris’ instead of my actual home area (just for privacy). By tagging the location, people who search for that location on Instagram, will be able to see your photo. Again, this will increase people seeing your post and potentially increase engagement.

Post stories:
I find that posting stories on Instagram, makes your account more human like. You can post things you don’t really want on your feed, but you still want to share. Posting things like items you’ve recently bought from the Disney store or whatever is what a lot of people like to see. Or stories are a way to share accounts suggesting for people to follow them, again for them to hopefully return the favour or at least share the story saying thanks on their own stories! Stories include so many different elements for people to engage with you, such as a quiz, ask questions and polls.

Make your account more human:
Following on from that point above, these days, a lot of people like to see the behind the scenes of peoples lives. Vlogs on YouTube are so popular, that Instagram can also reflect this. Instead of trying to show off that everything is perfect on your Instagram, make it realistic and relatable. This would work probably best in the fitness industry since it’s becoming a trend now to publish real life photos instead of posed. But, in the Disney community, you could post a funny embarrassing story that happened during a trip, or show your bargains you found in Primark, or even make some Disney shaped/themed food and share the recipe! There’s many ways to make your Instagram feel more like people are following a human instead of just an account (I hope this makes sense and you understand what I’m trying to get across…be friendly!!!)

I hope these tips help some of you guys or are things you didn’t know about or want to try!

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