Another Disney trip cancelled?!?!?

Well, it wasn’t exactly certain that my Disneyland Paris trip in September was going to go ahead…but we wanted to try and see if we could get there and so we booked a little trip.

However, as I’m sure many of you are aware, France is now on the quarantine list for the UK. Therefore, because of myself and Joe being at work, we aren’t able to do our trip anymore because of isolating for 2 weeks afterwards.

We have changed our holiday around and luckily was able to get our money back from the hotel, and vouchers for the eurostar! We are now going ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Because we became annual pass holders, I did want to go again on my birthday if we did go in September to make up for the shocking, lockdown 21st birthday I had this year haha! Any excuse really right? But now instead of September and my birthday, we have just rearranged our holiday for my birthday. Even though we may only get one trip to DLP with the year of our annual pass, it still works out worth it for the price we paid because of the price of buying the park tickets separately…if that makes sense!

Anyway, yes, we are now HOPEFULLY getting some Disney magic in March and then we have Walt Disney World booked in September…if these go ahead then what a year 2021 will be! But obviously, the world is so crazy right now that we can really get too excited because things are still changing every single day.

But just an update and unfortunately there wont be any blog posts relating to my DLP trip or any Disney trip until next year now…

Has anyone else had trips cancelled or rescheduled?

3 thoughts on “Another Disney trip cancelled?!?!?

  1. Over Labor Day Weekend, my church goes on a Parish Weekend to Kanuga (an Episcopalian Conference Center), but this year that got cancelled.

    I feel like a number of things got cancelled or postponed this year: musicals. POPS Symphony, and now Kanuga

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      1. Yes, it is.

        Blumenthal promised Charlotte they will return. My eyes are mostly focused on Hadestown, which is coming October 2021- hopefully that is enough time for Blumenthal to open their doors again.

        A few months ago- my family was downtown. When we were in front of Belk, it was bittersweet knowing that we were standing in front of an empty theater. Belk stands as the center of Blumenthal’s theaters.


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