Why I became a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder

I have always wanted to become a Disneyland annual pass holder because I would love to be in a stage in my life where I can afford it and afford to go to the parks often throughout the time of having the pass.  

For my most recent trip to Disneyland Paris that I have booked, which just for reference, I’m not too sure whether it will actually go ahead because if France goes onto the quarantine list, I won’t be able to have the time off work etc etc etc…but fingers crossed we can get there in September! I didn’t initially plan to become an annual pass holder for this trip; especially considering the current situation with Covid, it may seem like a weird time to become one.  

However, the reason why I did this time around was because myself and Joe were looking to do a 3-day trip, meaning we would need to buy a 3-day, 2 park ticket. When looking into the prices of the tickets, I thought to check the prices of an annual pass to see if it was cheaper or only a slightly bit more. In terms of the Discovery annual pass, which is the one I bought, the price of this was actually cheaper than buying the park tickets. This is the reason why this time around me and Joe decided to buy an annual pass instead of the tickets; to simply save money!  

So, depending on if the prices of the tickets change or you can find a good package deal, when booking your trip to Disneyland Paris, do check the price of the annual pass to see if its cheaper for you to do that instead. It’s always worth checking because every little helps when it comes to money! Obviously, the good thing about the Discovery pass is that we have already made a profit from buying this, even though we are only going once within the year of having it. Therefore, to make it worth our money, we wouldn’t have to go again in the year since we have saved already. If we do go again, granted we have to spend for the transport and hotel, but we wouldn’t need to pay anymore money for getting into the parks.  

I think if you are someone who is able or debating to go to DLP a few times a year then looking into the annual pass options is SO worth it. There are different options that offer different perks so you can have a choice of what one would suit you best; obviously the more perks the more expensive it is, but it could still end up saving you money depending on how often you go!  

Myself and Joe will probably only have this annual pass for the year (until July 2021) and not renew because we do have WDW booked in September and then we may be able to go a good while without needing to visit a Disney park for our Disney fix haha…  

But, if you did want to continue the pass, you can renew it but obviously you have to pay again (I’m not sure on the procedure of this since I haven’t done it so don’t quote me on it!) I like the idea of the renewal because it gives you the opportunity to just have a year of going lots of times and making it worthwhile. Like I said though, for us, even just the one trip has already made the annual pass worthwhile.  

I feel like people associate the annual passes with buckets of money, but it really isn’t that bad, especially considering the prices of the park tickets. Do your research and do investigate them because you could end up saving so much money!!!!!   

I do hope that in the future I will become an annual pass holder again and plan to go to DLP a good few times in a year because it does give an exciting feeling of knowing your park tickets are paid for and if you get a cheap deal for travel and hotel then you are so fortunate for how much it could cost you to go to DLP. The parks tickets can be the most expensive part of the trip… 

Overall, the reason why I became an annual pass holder this time around was because it was cheaper to do it that way compared to buying the tickets separately or doing a package holiday.

One thought on “Why I became a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder

  1. Only reason why I don’t get annual Disney World passes= was because I live too far away. Charlotte NC is quite a long way away from Orlando, FL.

    Boiling Springs is 10 hrs away- for that Gardner Webb Disney experience, we had to live the university at 5:00 in the morning


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