Disney YouTube video ideas

Along with blogging, YouTube is another platform where you can express your love for Disney. Some people would prefer to blog, whereas others are more up for posting a video of themselves!

Here are a few Disney themed YouTube video ideas you could do:

Disney trip vlog:
These types of videos are probably the most popular in terms of Disney content on YouTube. Loads of people film their trips to the Disney parks, and people love to see this! I personally love to watch Disney trip vlogs. You get to see what rides are like, what the food looks like and their rating, character meet and greet experiences and the entertainment shows throughout the parks. A bonus to filming your trip to the parks, is that if you do not feel comfortable filming yourself, then you do not specially have to! You can just film what you are seeing when you are there. AJ from DFB (Disney food blog) does not show her face and just talks over the topic of the video clips and her channel is a HUGE success.

Disney Q&A:
A Disney question and answer video are a great way to introduce yourself and for people to know more about you!You could even make the video into a tag and ask for other fellow Disney YouTube channels to film their answers to your questions. This type of video is a chilled, chatty video that some people prefer to watch instead of hectic days out at the parks. Or, if they want to find out more about your love for Disney.

Disney Haul:
So many people love to watch hauls to see what is currently in the shops or online to buy. You can do a haul with the Disney items you have recently bought! Make sure you include where they’re from and the prices – also do some try on clips if you have some clothes (people like to see what the item looks like on before buying it themselves). Lots of Disney fans love the merch that is available so why not show them what you have found! It does not have to just be from the parks or Disney official merch, if you see something in Target or Primark then show it off!! Especially if it is a bargain…

Disney Baking:
Baking videos can be super fun to watch, even if you the viewer does not do the bake themselves. But if you are into baking and pretty good at it, then show off your creations! You could bake your own version of the Disney treats in the parks or make up your own ideas. Make sure you make the steps clear for people to understand and include as much information as you can to help them out! Some baking ideas could be Mickey shaped cookies, Mickey rice crispy treats, or a Disney themed cake.

Disney top tips:
If you go to the parks often or just have a great knowledge of top tips for a Disney holiday, then share them with people! Before people go to a Disney park, some of them will want to know all that they can to make sure they do not miss out on doing something important or amazing! Share your experiences and advice to help people have a magical trip. This type of video can be for all Disney lovers, whether they have gone to the park’s multiple times before, they may still find it helpful to know your tips. Or if its someone who has never been and has absolutely no idea about it all, then they will defiantly need some guidance! There are so many topics you could cover with top tips, therefore you could turn this into a series offering advice on a range of different parts relating to Disney…how to book a trip, what to take on your trip, the different types of packages, dining plans…the list goes on!

Disney Favourites:
People on YouTube already do their monthly favourites in terms of beauty or books or TV series. So, you could do one to relate to Disney. Again, this could be a series form. Tell us your favourite Disney rides, favourite Disney snacks, favourite Disney Instagram accounts…whatever you fancy!

Disney Reviews:
Like some of the ideas above, you could do reviews on a Disney topic. For example, with the release of Disney+, you could review new films or tv series that have been added/continue to be added on there. Therefore, people can find out a bit more about the films or series to decide whether to watch it! Or, once they have watched it, they may find it interesting to see what other people think of it. Or you could review Disney food at the parks, review the parks in general, review the differences in rides from DLP to WDW for example…again, there are lots of different routes you could take to review items relating to Disney.

Disney Makeup:
YouTube is full of beauty channels out there. If you are into beauty but want to make it a bit different to the usual beauty channels, then why not do Disney themed make up looks! This could be of such interest in people who like to cosplay of the characters, or who like you, have a love for Disney and makeup! Show off your skills with a subtle princess look, or a hardcore villain design.

Disney D.I.Y:
You may be pretty good at creating and arts. Come up with a list of D.I.Y’s that you could show people how to make. It could be a pair of Disney ears, a Disney pin, a Disney sign. If you have the talent to make a range of items, or even if its just focused on one particular item, then help people how they can make it themselves! This could be great for people who have kids or even want to start their own business selling Disney handmade items. Supplying them with tips, tricks and ideas could really benefit some people! Again, you may not even need to show your face in these videos since you’ll be filming the process of making something. Therefore, if you want to make videos but don’t feel completely comfortable with your face showing, this is a perfect way to still create content.

There’s plenty of ways you can start creating Disney themed YouTube videos. These are some of the ideas that I think would be most popular or that I have seen around YouTube before. Give it a go, you never know where you may end up!

One thought on “Disney YouTube video ideas

  1. I do go on YouTube- but I don’t have a ‘vlog”. I really don’t know anything about filming. I need to find a way to gain more followers on my blog


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