How do I buy a Disneyland Paris annual pass online?

When I first thought about getting an annual pass, I didn’t realise how difficult this may of actually been… and when I was researching trying to find some answers, I couldn’t find too much information about it, so here I am explaining to you my process of buying an annual pass online!

Firstly, you cannot do it through the UK website (at the current time when I bought mine). Therefore, you have to use the french Disneyland Paris site

Obviously, if you don’t know any french this can be quite difficult but Google translate helped me massively so fingers crossed you’ll be able to figure out things through that!

Once you’re on the french site, go to the tab at the top that says ‘billets & sejours’, here you will find the annual pass section. If you know what annual pass you want to get already, then you can click on ‘Acheter’. If not, do some research (can do this on the English website) into what pass could be best for you. You get different perks depending on how much you pay!

After deciding your pass and clicking on Acheter, a new page will load with some info about that pass, again click on ‘Acheter’. After this, you will now be given the option of how you want to receive your pass. This was the part that confused me most…

If you want to have the pass activated and ready to use on arrival to the Disneyland Paris parks, choose the first option. This is a home delivery option where the pass is sent to you and is activated for when you need it. The other option is a temporary pass, where you will have to go and collect your official pass in the park when you arrive. IMPORTANT – The annual pass works on the first day of activation, but you will not be able to use it on the second and third day you are there. Therefore, you would have to buy park tickets to get in. BUT, if you do the home delivery option, this period will be covered before you get to the parks (obviously make sure you are leaving enough time for your pass to be delivered before your trip). So, for example, I am going in over 6 weeks time, my pass arrived within 6 days of ordering it. Therefore, it is activated and the second and third day of not being able to use it, has been completed. So, once I get to the parks, because this period has finished, I can use the pass on all days I am there, without having to buy a park ticket. If this doesn’t bother you, then you can do the temporary ticket option which I think is like a downloadable, print at home ticket to get you in the parks on your first day; where you then collect your pass.

I will now be talking about the steps after the home delivery option since that is the route I took. Your next option is how you want to pay for the ticket. Either monthly, or in one full payment. I did a full payment ‘Regler en une fois’. The next steps involve you choosing how many passes and again selecting the pass you’d like. Click on ‘Choisir’ to continue.

With Google translate you can read some of the t&c’s or extra information that is provided. Clicking on ‘Ajouter au panier’ will take you to the summary page of your pass just for confirmation that all is okay and what you wanted. ‘Continuer’ will now take you to the page to fill out your personal details. (The next steps will be from memory since I can’t process payment again).

Once I had done the details, the payment options came up. I tried to pay with my Visa debit card, however, I think because my bank account is English and this was a French site, the payment didn’t go through. Therefore, I used PayPal instead which worked perfectly!

When the payment went through, I was then asked to fill out some details for the annual passes, including uploading a photo for the back of the pass. This was all very easy and the photo’s were accepted first time (a close of your face is what they need).

I received emails throughout the process letting me know that it had been confirmed. I was told it could take 6 weeks for the pass to arrive (normally 25 days from France to the UK, but with corona, they were suggesting longer). However, like I said earlier, the passes arrived super quick, within 6 days of ordering them!!!

A final step for you to do once you have your passes is to reserve your park days. This is a current rule you have to follow if you want to visit DLP because of corona. The parks are at limited capacity and therefore, they need to know how many people are planning to come each day. So, reserve the days you want to visit and hopefully it wont be full and you can get in!

Now, hopefully when I get to DLP in September, my pass will work fine!

I hope this all made sense, it is quite difficult to explain, especially since the information on the website is all in french. I did find talking on the online chat on the Disney website to be useful and I had been told by 3 different people on there that the home delivery option will allow me to use my pass on the second and third day so fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you!

2 thoughts on “How do I buy a Disneyland Paris annual pass online?

  1. Never bought an annual year pass. I don’t go to Disney World multiple times in a year.

    When I went with GWU over Spring Break—–everyone was given three free passes for each day we were there. Four of us (including me) decided to do the meal plan: due to doing that, I was able to see a lot of characters.

    Google Translate can be annoying: I am reading Anna Karenina, so every so often have to use Google Translate. That is really frustrating

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