Visiting the Disney Parks with the current restrictions – would I go?

Personally, I do think it depends on your current situation and if you have been to the parks before. For example, I had a trip to Walt Disney World booked which has been cancelled but before it was cancelled, I was debating whether to go or not because of the different experience I would get for my first time going. Whereas, with Disneyland Paris, because I have been before, I don’t see no harm in going since it isn’t new to me (nor is it also the price of what WDW was costing me). So, like I said, I do think taking into account whether its your first time or not is an important factor to consider.

From what I have seen through Instagram photos and vlogs on YouTube, as we expected, Disney are doing what they can to keep it safe but still magically. I think if you are debating in going, I would suggest watching some videos to see more of what it’s like and it may help you decide whether you want to go or not. Obviously, the main consideration being your safety and feeling comfortable…

There does seem to be some mishaps at times with maybe a queue for a ride being long and people not socially distancing themselves from others, but this isn’t the fault of Disney. Disney have put in place so many floor signs for social distance, along with hand sanitizers everywhere etc etc, but Disney can’t enforce everyone to follow the rules every second of the day; it is down to the individuals to do their bit in making sure they’re safe along with other people in the park. However, this was only a one off situation I had seen, right a the beginning of WDW opening. There may of been more instances but I haven’t came across them, nor seen any problems in videos I have watched.

I think even though there are differences in the parks now, Disney are doing a great job to keep the magic alive and keeping it as normal as possible. I have seen some of the character meet and greets at Disneyland Paris and they look so impressive! Obviously, you can’t go stand right next to them, but they’re still able to interact with you and take a selfie so it isn’t that bad at all! In DLP, you can meet the Toy Story gang in a cool decorated, Toy Story themed set up and I personally think it looks better and more fitting that way than just meeting them around the park! So, Disney are adapting and trying their best to keep visitors happy and letting them do what they would normally do, like meeting the characters. I’ve also seen that because there isn’t parades atm, sometimes, some of the characters will come out in cars to wave around at people which is great for them to keep doing in a more quieter down way to keep it safe but also allow people to see them out in the parks.

Face masks seem to be this huge issue for a lot of people, where simply, people don’t want to wear them. However, when visiting Disney you do have to wear a mask and they are pretty strict on it. For example, you can’t take the mask off when taking a photo; KEEP IT ON! I have been going back to work and therefore, having to wear a mask on the train and honestly after one/two wears of it, I was used to it and it didn’t bother me anymore…and that’s coming from someone who wears glasses! You will get used to wearing the mask and it’s for the sake of protecting people so just quit your moaning and get on with it okay!

I think the part i’m most upset about is the fireworks at the end of the day. I am such a huge lover of the fireworks and not seeing them was a huge factor in my debate about going WDW. The fireworks are truly amazing and really make the end of the day so magical. So, it is bummer that they won’t be happening for a while but hopefully they are figure out a way to bring them back soon! I’m sure they’re missed by many, many people. Entertainment is a huge part of a Disney visit and it gives you something else to do throughout the day, either with a parade, or making sure you’re in the parks for the nighttime shows.

I am interested to see what it will be like when I go DLP (which obviously may still not happen because of quarantine rules). I think because of how much Disney want it to be safe and for visitors to come and return back again, the have put in the effort to ensure it’s up to the standards of people feeling safe and not worrying about it. I do think, I will feel safe at DLP because of the screening in the queue’s, always being able to hand gel, and obviously everyone wearing face masks. However, like I said at the beginning, if this was my first trip like it was for WDW, I would be debating hard about going to a Disney park atm. The reason I say this is because it is different and it isn’t going to be the same relaxed way with everything included in the price such as fireworks and parades, and you do need to take more effort in the safety of yourself around the park. So, if you are thinking about delaying a trip and waiting until it may be more back to normal to experience it for the first time, then that is totally okay and I think a lot of fans would understand…you would have pictured your Disney trip in this specific way, and for the cost of it, you’d like for it to be more that way before going…I was the same with WDW.

Do your research and think about whether you think you could handle the changes, but at the end of the day, the changes in Disney are much like the changes in your everyday life now and going to your local supermarket So, if you’re used to them, then it won’t feel like this dramatic change in life when entering the Disney parks. For example, in England, we have to wear masks now when entering most places, so for me, wearing a mask in Disney doesn’t phase me or doesn’t feel unordinary. It’s just the way of life right now and Disney is the same as most places really…

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Disney Parks with the current restrictions – would I go?

  1. I think it can be hard to get used to the masks at first, but eventually you get used to it. I wear glasses too, and the combo of mask and rain don’t mix well at all. I don’t really know if I would to visit Disney or not in these new guidelines

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    1. Yeah first few times wearing it can be annoying but you eventually get used to it! Yeah glasses can be a struggle but some masks are better than others for glasses wearers!


  2. We went to Disneyland Paris last week and had a great experience! Disney are doing everything they can to keep people safe with the floor markings and plexiglass and we were impressed with how much hand gel there was throughout the park. You can tell everything has had a deep clean too because the park looks brand new! Hope you enjoy your trip!

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