TRIP ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m going to Disneyland Paris!

This is a very exciting blog post!!! After days of researching into things, myself and Joe have booked a 2 night, 3 day park trip to Disneyland Paris in September!

Obviously, in September, we were supposed to be in Walt Disney World but that isn’t happening now, instead that’s been moved to next September. However, I couldn’t quite cope with the fact that I wasn’t going to have any Disney fun and magic for another whole year…so after some convincing, Joe agreed to go DLP!

We are doing it a bit different this time around compared to our previous trips. Both times before, we have stayed in a Disney hotel onsite, however, this time we are staying in one of their partner hotels. The prices for Disneyland have gone up A LOT, which does make sense because obviously they need to try and make their money back after being closed for around 3 months. So, I understand why the prices are pretty insane right now. It did take a lot of time and research to find the cheapest deal for us and in budget of what we wanted to pay and also what we think is worth it because there isn’t going to be fireworks and some of our favourite rides will be shut (Buzz and Rock N Roller).

I’m excited to try out one of their partner hotels and see what it’s like coming into the park by shuttle each time, instead of having the option to walk just like 15 minutes and then be in the parks.

Another exciting part to this trip is that…WE HAVE BECAME DISNEYLAND PARIS ANNUAL PASS HOLDERS!!!! I think I have dreamed of being an annual pass holder for so long, I can’t quite believe I am one now. But, we did this really because the discovery annual pass was actually cheaper to buy than the 3 day park ticket (I look at lots of website that sell the park tickets and no where was cheaper than the pass). I will do a blog post into getting the annual pass because it isn’t as simple as you would think and therefore think it would be quite useful for some people who may be considering it or simply want to know more information into it! Keep your eyes peeled for that post soon!

Again, we are taking the Eurostar from London since we find this route so easy and it’s amazing to come out the station and be in Disney straight away. Flying may of potentially been a cheaper option, but by time you’ve then paid for a cab to and from the airport in the UK, and then travelled from the CDG airport in France to DLP, there probably wouldn’t of been that much money saved, and it would be more hassle to sort out. So, do your research into what you think is better and obviously depending on the time of year you go, flying could be so much cheaper that it’s worth the tad more hassle getting around. We love the Eurostar though and I’m glad we decided to do this option again!

I am so so excited to be able to plan a Disney trip again and for it to only be 63 days away is sooo amazing!!!! There is a part of me which doesn’t want to get too excited because anything could happen in the world right now so it isn’t exactly certain that this trip will happen, but fingers and toes crossed that all will be fine…

If you are thinking about going to Disneyland Paris, I would suggest watching some videos of people’s experience in the parks so far during the guidelines of Covid. Just so then you get a feel of what it is currently like and whether you want to visit during this period. Also, like I said, I took a lot of time researching into the best deals and figuring out the best route etc etc, so if you are worried about how much it’s costing then do take your time to analyse every option.

So, hopefully we will be able to have this Disney trip and then plenty more content will be coming in the upcoming months about it all!

6 thoughts on “TRIP ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m going to Disneyland Paris!

  1. I went to Disney World three times. The first time- I don’t remember. The 2nd time- out of the blue when my family was on vacation in FL, we decided to go to both Disney and Seaworld. At Disney, we went to EPCOT, and loved Soarin’.

    I am a Disney fan. Actually, one of the books I am writing have some connection to Disney. Greatest Discovery has two fraternal twins (Aurora and Jasmine) born in an artsy and Disney loving family.

    In Lizzy the Lizard- she lives in FL on a citrus farm. She may or may not end up at Disney. The story starts after she accidentally escapes from her farm.

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    1. Forget to mention the 3rd Disney World experience- this time was during Spring Break. With my university, we went for the leadership experience: part were the classes, but most of the time we would just spend time at Disney. Due to being a week, I got to visit all four parks, and I was on the meal plan so I met a lot of Disney characters that time around

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