TUI cancelled my Disney holiday????? Update on my WDW trip…

As expected, our WDW trip in September has been cancelled. Even though I was prepared for it to be cancelled, I was still so gutted that it’s came to this but obviously, safety is the most important thing right now so it’s very understandable! Plus, it’s my first time going so I was very cautious about going anyway due to the experience I’d get…

Anyway, TUI did cancel our trip and so it was down to us to decide what option we wanted to take. We were taking into account the pricing of things since we are young and not exactly on a lot of money, we can’t just splash the cash and go whenever we want, however we want. Therefore, we decided to reschedule the trip until September 2021.

TUI did offer us £500 off the trip (we booked it as a package), however, the cheapest hotels were not available to book. So, our new hotel is Pop Century which the £500 went towards. We were happy with this since we get a better hotel, newly renovated rooms and it’s on the skyliner route which is such a bonus! Although, TUI are sneaky in terms of their ‘£500 off’ deal. The tickets for the parks at Disney prices were increased a pretty insane amount. So therefore, you end up paying more than we previously paid because the ticket prices are up.

We know that the park tickets go up every year, but for some reason TUI had upped their prices like £50 more each than Disney and other ticket websites…you may be thinking, georgia why didn’t you just book the tickets separately. Well, to get £500 off, you have to have the holiday package to be more expensive than the previous price of the holiday, which without the tickets it wasn’t. Then we know that if we didn’t reschedule it and booked it all again with another provider, it would be more expensive anyway. So either way, we were going to have to pay more than what we were originally going to. We did call up TUI twice to see if they could do anything about the price but no luck…

Anyway, that’s very long winded but just thought to explain a bit about the process we had!

So yes, we have rescheduled our WDW trip to September next year, in a different hotel, but everything else is the same aka 2 weeks, and with TUI.

I am glad now that it’s sorted so it isn’t constantly on my mind but it’s just so gutting that we got so close to going for it to now be another 400+ days away…let’s just say, this trip has had some serious hiccups along the way (previously booked with Thomas Cook who went bust and therefore we had to book it again) BUT hopefully, 3rd time lucky and it will be worth it!

I think it’s really difficult to feel the same amount of excitement I had for it before because we still don’t know what rules will be in place next year and how the experience will be, basically it won’t be the experience I first thought I was going to get which does devastate me SO much, especially for how long I’ve dreamed about going and saved up for it. But in a way, I think because now we’re having to wait longer, it may make the experience feel even more worth it and we will appreciate it more.

I really do hope that people who have had their trip cancelled have been able to sort it out!!! It’s such a nightmare and so so upsetting but we need to focus on what’s important and try to have a positive mindset about it! It will happen one day and it will be amazing either way!

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