Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Workout Challenge

This challenge has been around for a good while now and I think every single YouTuber has done this and so, I thought to give it a go! Since lockdown hasn’t been the most energetic time of my life, I wanted to challenge myself to Chloe’s Shred!

The first few days were pretty tough and I was taking a fair few breaks on some of the workout moves. Tbh, also the last few days I still couldn’t do the whole 30-50 seconds of the exercise, but I defo didn’t struggle as much as I did in the beginning.

I liked that there is a variety of videos to do, however it did become a bit draining to keep doing the cardio and abs one every day, but they do make me sweat and obviously that’s what you need to burn some fat!! But, one the days where I had either just another leg video or arms video, I seemed to enjoy them more, compared to 4 videos a day. The leg video was actually my favourite out of them all, but I’ve always enjoyed working on my legs so maybe that’s why!

My stamina improved a lot by the end of the workout and I wasn’t as out of breath. However, I did find the second week more effort to do compared to the first. I suppose to motivation went away a bit and I was just doing it for the sake of not failing in myself and not completing the challenge…

I liked the different workout moves Chloe includes in the videos. Although, the amount of times you have to do the up and down plank IS PAINFUL!!!! But, it’s fun to do some different moves that I wouldn’t normally do or even think of.

In terms of results, I didn’t massively see a huge change. In some videos I’ve watched of people doing them, they look SO different. But then again, I didn’t change my diet and all honesty I haven’t been eating too great. Therefore, the diet is going to be a big factor into how much your body changes throughout the 2 weeks. I also didn’t take measurements of my body because I don’t want to focus on the number, I’d rather pay more attention to how I feel and how I look.

I do really think the workouts helped a lot with my mental health. Obviously for lockdown in England right now, you are able to go see people at a distance or have a bubble so it is easier to handle the whole situation right now. But, exercise has always been something that’s made me feel happier and I could feel that during these 2 weeks. Plus it felt great when I finished it and felt the achievement of doing it!!!

I’m not one to share before photos online so this is a bit scary! Like I said, there isn’t a huge difference but admittedly I did start off fairly ‘small’ anyway, so for me it would take longer and more effort to have more of a change. Also again, my diet didn’t change so I couldn’t expect miracles! However, there is a slight change and I do feel better within myself even if it’s only a slight change in how I look! (Also lets just ignore my outfit photo I’m in my pjs and another my knickers are showing but hey ho)

I do recommend this challenge because it’s a good starter programme if you wanted to get into fitness or get back into fitness like me. However, much like most things, don’t hype yourself up to get these insane results when it may not happen straight away. Everyone has different body shapes and everyone is beautiful. Everyone looses weight at different times, in different places, don’t compare your journey to someone else’s because you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and every body is different. Here’s the challenge –

I enjoyed this challenge and I do feel the need to carry on doing some workouts every so often just to feel better about myself. Let me know if you have done this challenge before or are trying it atm!

4 thoughts on “Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred Workout Challenge

  1. Hey!
    Thats some really good progress there! Congratulations on completing it!
    I did it too and honestly it wasn’t that easy😂 but good work!🔥
    I am currently covering her latest challenge ‘Get Fit’ on my blog, would be nice if you would check it out.

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