Disney+ Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 Review

Frozen 2 is up there as one of my favourite Disney films and so when I heard about this series coming out all about the making of it, I was soooo excited to watch it!

I’ve just finished watching it and wow. It was insane. I love documentaries and behind the scene series, but this Frozen one was so interesting and had me gripped throughout. I binged it, just kept clicking next episode as soon as one finished.

If you haven’t seen Frozen 2 yet, I would suggest waiting until the 3rd July when it’s released on Disney+, watch the film and then watch the series. Obviously the series does include clips and songs in the film so you don’t want any spoilers. But, for sure this is a series you need to watch if you’re a Frozen fan, or simply a Disney fan or someone who loves documentaries.

I found it so fascinating just how many people were involved and worked on the film. It’s insane how there’s a separate person for such small but important things in the film…who knew it took that many employees!

It’s also great to see the journey of the film being made and what the staff found the most difficult parts to perfect. It was actually emotional at times because you can imagine how it must feel to be apart of a film so important to impress and to be a success.

The series actually makes me want to work with the staff because as hard and stressful it must be, it seems like such an achievement and a brilliant atmosphere and community to be apart of.

The series is so informative of what goes into making a film and all the different elements and events leading up to it being released. It was also so nice to see the cast of the films doing their lines and songs and having a better understanding of them as a person, appose to just their character in Frozen.

It’s opened my eyes to how much happens. You see that a new film is coming out and you don’t think about how long it’s taken for this film to be produced and how much has gone into it being able to be released; even when I watch the film, I then don’t think about ‘oh I wonder how long it took to film’ for example. But I feel like now I’ve watched this series, I’ll probably pay attention to more things such as, the musical instruments and sit back and think wow I wonder how many takes that took.

I really, really suggest watching Making Frozen 2!!!!! I’d love for Disney to release more documentaries on film making because it’s truly so magical and interesting to feel apart of the whole process. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you thought in the comments!

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