Getting back into fitness after a year off working out!

I have always been fairly active throughout my life, even as a child doing lots of different club activities. Last summer, I went to Rhodes so I was working towards that as my goal since I knew I was going to be in a bikini for most of the time I was there! However, after Rhodes, my fitness and working out just stopped. I cancelled the gym shortly after because I just wasn’t going and therefore simply wasting my money, also they stopped my favourite class there so that was also another reason haha! But, I’m starting to get my mojo back for fitness and wanted to document it a bit to share with you all!

Lockdown has been either really productive and full of fitness for some people, but for me it’s been eating everything in sight, hardly doing any steps each day and baking. Therefore, my body has changed a fair bit these past few months; along with the lack of exercise from July anyway.

To start off my fitness journey fairly easy, I started going for some longer walks. This included doing over 10,000 steps. One day I did about 18,000 steps on my walk and let me tell you when I actually felt tired after walking, when before, normally I could walk for ages and still feel fine! But obviously, fitness levels do change and hardly doing anything for a year is going to have an impact on how I feel even just after a walk.

This week I decided to start the famous Chloe Ting workout. SO many people and celebrities have tried the Chloe Ting workout and I did attempt to do it before, but of course, I probably stopped after about day 3. But right now, I have no reason why I can’t do this workout challenge because of lockdown!!!!!!! The workout challenge I am doing is the 2 week shred, you can either find it on her YouTube channel or on Google, just type in Chloe Ting 2 week shred. So far, I just completed day 4, and I am hoping that I will achieve the full 14 days…if not…wow I have no explanation as to why I am such a failure haha!

The Chloe Ting workout so far has felt tough, but I’m really enjoying doing them because I haven’t worked out like this for ages; it feels good! I do recommend it, but maybe do some of the moves with less impact because it can be tough at first. Also, I will be doing a full blog post review once I have finished the challenge!

I haven’t particularly changed my diet too much. Personally, when I try to eat better, that’s when I stop quicker because I’m missing chocolate or treats too much so I cave in. Therefore, I thought, I’ll start off with just doing some more exercise and taking it slow and build my stamina back up before then cutting out some junk food. This can also be a good idea for mental health because like I said, when I stop myself from eating something I enjoy, I don’t feel happy with any of my fitness I’m doing…TREAT YO SELF!

My boyfriend is trying to get me to start running with him, so I may (emphasis on the may) start to do that with him. I do struggle with running and honestly at times can’t even do like 1 full minute of running. But when I complete a run, I do feel really good afterwards, therefore I am tempted to start to build up my running again and see if I could work towards doing another 5K run like what I used to do.

I didn’t want to start my new fitness journey going absolutely crazy because I need to start off slow to enjoy it more and for it to last longer because I’m doing it the way I want to and don’t feel pressure to keep up with workouts and diet. I think it also helps a bit that my summer holidays are now cancelled and therefore don’t feel the pressure of walking round in a bikini this summer.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me to try to help improve my fitness journey, I’d love to know! Or also let me know if you’ve just started working on yourself and your fitness – let’s do this together!

2 thoughts on “Getting back into fitness after a year off working out!

  1. The exercise you will do is better than any fitness plan you won’t continue! Like you, Lockdown hasn’t been my most active. I have been walking a mile or more a day with my son, but as a teacher, I walked a couple miles every day just being at school. It’s hard to replicate that while engaging with distance learning. So, we walk in the evening and I do some light yoga to keep from getting too stiff. Best of luck!

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    1. For sure! And yeah, I think lockdown has taken an affect on a lot of people’s motivation because it’s just been such a weird, awful situation! But, it’s good that you’ve been getting out!!!! Yoga is great too, very relaxing and therapeutic


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