Are Disney ears worth the price?

Official Disney ears can be quite expensive. I mean, it’s obvious they would be because they’re an official piece of merch from the Disney parks and they’re probably one of the most popular pieces of merch. However, when I bought my first pair of official Disney ears, I did think, okay is this going to be worth the price.

I bought the rose gold ears which cost me £20. Now, £20 isn’t the worst price in the world but it can seem a lot for some of us. Especially, when you’ve already paid so much for a Disney trip and then to pay out another £20 for some ears…

Are they worth it? I think so to be honest. They are so comfy, whereas I know from what I’ve heard other people say, some of the cheaper version can give people headaches or hurt their head because of the band they use. Therefore, if you’re worried about the pain they may cause, then I’d say it’s worth paying a bit more for the nicer, softer quality of the official Disney ears.

There are so many Disney ears to chose from, that prices will vary depending on what you pick. So, you may be able to find a pair you adore for less than £20, but some may also be more than £20.

For my first trip to DLP, I didn’t want to pay for the official ears, so I bought a pair I think from eBay? Now, these we’re still cute but they defo looked cheaper. I probably paid about £3/£5 for them so I can’t exactly expect them to be insane quality. For the price, they did the job and they still looked nice on and in photos. But when I now compare them to the official Disney ears, I do prefer the official ones. The bow on the official pair is so much nicer and padded better and bigger but not too big that it looks silly; it’s perfect! Whereas, the cheaper pair was just a bit of material as the bow and was wonky haha! So, again, from experience paying for the proper Disney ears paid off compared to the cheaper option!

However, an alternative to paying for the official park Disney ears, is looking on Etsy. Etsy has became like my favourite website ever, plus it’s nice to support homemade business’! All you need to do is visit Etsy’s website and type in Disney ears and honestly let the results just go on forever. There’s so SO SO many people selling their own Disney ears with all different styles and designs that you may find your perfect pair on there, instead through Disney’s official merchandise. Please do have a look before you buy a pair which could cost you more. Although, because Etsy is people’s own handmade business, the prices can still sometimes be around £20 because they are obviously buying, making and shipping it all themselves! But, like I said, due to how many different designs that are on Etsy, you have such a wider choice of ears. This could also be a good option to do if you want to match ears to your outfits or are looking to buy a few new pairs for your next trip!

Obviously, buying through Disney you know that the quality is going to be great (which it is), so you have the security of knowing you’re going to get the quality you’ve paid for. For example, the rose gold ones I bought have sequins on and I have no worries about the sequins coming off which is obviously what you want, especially when on a Disney trip since they may be going in and out your bag every so often.

Also, it seems like with the official Disney ones, the band they use is perfect for every head size. It sounds weird, but I’ve never seen someone wearing a pair of proper Disney ears and thought oh they don’t fit you. Not that I would judge someone, like wear what you want, but you know what I mean, the Disney ears fit EVERYONE that I have seen of. So, clearly the band is a reasonable size for all head sizes and shapes, and also expands nicely to fit everyone.

If you have the money spare, I would invest in official Disney ears. They SHOULD last you a long time so you’re technically saving money in the long run since you won’t have to replace them. I think the quality and sizing is great and they look so amazing on, also feeling comfortable!

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy them for those prices. I saw that Primark have now released their own version of the rose gold ears and trust me, from the photo I saw, they almost look identical and they were only £3!!!!! You can find real cheap alternatives.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with the official Disney ears? Let me know in the comments!

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