High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Review

Disney+ bought us the long awaited High School Music series. Personally, as someone who was a complete die hard HSM fan back in the day, I was worried that this series was going to be awful and completely ruin HSM for me.

Now, I wouldn’t say this series was incredible. The acting at times did make me cringe, but I also feel like that sometimes when watching Riverdale (maybe its a teenager series thing idk!)

However, I did enjoy the series. It wasn’t particularly what I expected but I also don’t really know what I did expect it to be like…From being a lover of the films, it was enjoyable to watch this new year at East High, do their musical show based on High School Musical. I wish my school did HSM one year as our show because I would’ve bloody LOVED THAT. Not that I ever applied to be apart of the shows, but if it was HSM, then I would ask to be a main character haha! Anyway, something I really liked about it, was that it was set in the East High school. It was so lovely to see the school again in a new light and series!

I think the cast they picked were a really good bunch. They seemed to generally get along so well and because they’re all roughly the same age, they can obviously relate to each other which made the atmosphere of the series between the friendship group feel more real and nice.

I personally wasn’t a massive fan of the songs that were used in it. Beside the HSM songs, there are some songs which are new for the series and I just don’t think any were that good. Not the singing, because the cast are pretty good at singing, just the lyrics…I don’t know, I just wasn’t a fan of their original songs (nothing compares to the actual HSM soundtracks)

I even found the adults (teachers and parents) to be a really good part of the series. If anything, I think the adults made the show more funny and enjoyable to watch.

The series did grow on me as it went on and new episodes were uploaded. The first episode when I watched it, I was a bit like ‘oh god why have they done this’ but then as it went through and I got used to the style of it more, I did enjoy it and every Friday I’d make time to watch it when it was released.

I also like how the series touched on a few personal things that can actually happen in real life. The main focus is this drama group practising for their big performance of HSM, but there’s also scenes which are more sentimental and that can be relatable to some people. I think it’s good for the series to touch on topics like parents divorce, because the age group that would watch the series, would feel reassured that they’re not alone in certain situations. Obviously, the series isn’t real, but touching on real life events make it feel more important and educational for the younger audience who may watch it. In a weird way, it’s nice that it wasn’t just all happy families, singing and dancing constantly. Makes it more real and likeable!

There was times during the series where I was really hooked and couldn’t wait for the next episode, so that’s when you know that a series is good and that you’re into it, because as soon as an episode finished, I wanted the next one! It’s always good to have some cliffhangers to make people come back and watch again!

The ending was so super cute and I’m glad that they did show a fair amount of them actually performing the HSM musical. I even cried at the end because it was so cute (p.s I cry at anything so please don’t judge…)

I think it’s worth a watch and now that all the episodes are up for season 1, you can binge watch it in no time!

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