What I miss about Disneyland Paris

Lots of us are in the same boat right now. The closure of the parks is going to be affecting some more than others and so many of us are dying to get back to their favourite place…missing our trips to Disney and the magic. The only park I have visited is Disneyland Paris, therefore I am going to focus on this park for what I miss.

Firstly, an obvious thing I miss, is the atmosphere. As soon as I arrive at DLP, I feel so happy and almost like the most relaxed I’ve ever felt. It feels like home. I can’t wait to go back there and just feel complete again and know that for the next few days and nights, I’m going to be in the Disney bubble. I miss the feeling it gives me from the second I arrive, to the moment I leave. The atmosphere Disney parks create is outta this world and something that I don’t think can ever be matched!! I can’t wait for the parks to open, but most importantly, I can’t wait until they’re more back to normal in terms of the rules and guidance that will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Of course, I miss the Disney snacks. Especially, walking into the Main Street bakery and smelling the most incredible smell EVER! I miss getting so excited over a Mickey shaped treat and the insane taste haha! Who’s with me on this one? We all miss the park snacks!

The rides are something I miss often. I love rides and will go on probably any ride there is, so as someone who adores rides, I love the adrenaline they give me. I can’t wait to be queuing up for my favourite rides, especially Hyperspace Mountain (the best in my opinion). Not everyone goes to Disney parks for the rides, but they are obviously the main focus, so I’m sure many of you are itching to get back on them! Also, I love planning out ride photo opportunities, so I guess with this time away from the parks, we can perfect our next poses haha!!

This may be cringe, but for me, I really miss the quality time I have with Joe (my boyfriend) while in the Disney parks. It’s proved to me that when myself and Joe visit Disney, it’s truly the happiest time for us. We are both such huge Disney fans and love everything about it, so to be there together and experience it together; it’s so amazing. Therefore, I miss walking round with him by my side and just having the best time.

The firework show is fantastic and I would love to be spending my night watching them, surrounded by all these Disney lovers, listening to the music and seeing the park light up. Whenever I watch a Disney vlog and if they film the fireworks, I’ll never skip it because I just love to have a few minutes just thinking about the happy times of Disney trips. The fireworks ALWAYS make me cry, even sometimes through a video they make me cry, but god would I love to be standing there watching them. I’m so excited to see them again one day.

Also, of course I miss the shops. Lockdown has meant that all retail shops have been closed and therefore, I haven’t even been able to do window shopping at my local shopping centre. So, maybe because of this, I miss the shops at DLP more than usual. I find it so relaxing walking round and looking at all the merch. Me and Joe actually quite like to walk round guessing prices of things; we can be quite competitive at times! But, it’s so nice to just wonder and take our time exploring what there is to buy. Plus, the shops are always presented so lovely and comforting.

When me and Joe visit DLP, we always stay in a Disney hotel on site. Therefore, we are able to walk to and from the hotel and parks. We never get the bus because we just enjoy either in the morning feeling so excited to start our day, or in the evening discussing what we loved about our day. It’s nice to see the scenery around the hotels and walk around with it being less busy compared to the parks.

For a more precise thing I miss…Earl of sandwich. Wow, I love that place and unfortunately, there isn’t any close to me beside DLP. I think next time I go DLP, I will have to try and eat there probably at least 3 times…I just love it! What restaurant are you missing the most from Disney?

I really hope that soon I can visit DLP again. Obviously, right now there are a few amendments happening at DLP, so I do kind of feel like is it going to be worth how much I pay, you get me? But I think, I just want to be there and be around the magic and happiness. I hope that everyone who wants to visit soon, can do so safely and that the parks work in an orderly manner to keep everyone safe! It’s very weird for the parks to be shut for this long and it’s going to be odd for people who go and experience the rules in place due to the virus. But, we are now at the stage where the parks will be opening soon and people who go, I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it.

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