My LEAST favourite rides at Disneyland Paris…

Don’t get me wrong, Disneyland Paris holds such a special place in my heart and I adore it SO MUCH. However, we all have some rides that aren’t really our favourites right?

I hope I don’t get unfollowed or hated on by some of you because of the rides I tell you that are my least favourite…we’re all friends here right?!?! Hahah!

Anyway, I have to be honest with you and unfortunately talk about the Disney classic rides…

Now, I know, so many people love the classic, old rides because of how old they are and how they were the first rides etc etc, I get that. However, once I’ve been on them once, I don’t feel the need to go on them again…For example, Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (the Snow White ride) really isn’t that great to me. Obviously, it’s one for the kids and it is just a ride that goes round the story of Snow White, but like I said, now I’ve done it, probably the next time I’d feel the need to do it, is when I have kids…

Another ride I don’t massively like is… its a small world. Okay, some people I know for sure agree with me on this!!!! The ride is SO colourful and looks great, but the fact that even now while typing this I have the song in my head, it just sticks with you for life. I just find it a bit creepy of how many dolls there are, but I do agree that the look of the ride is fantastic and the concept is really cute considering it’s all different countries. But for me, I go on this ride if there is either a 10 minute queue, or we have done all the other rides.

Over in Walt Disney Studios park, I feel like Toy Story land is a slight let down. I love the land and Toy Story is one of my favourite film series EVER. The land looks great but the rides are very much kids rides. RC Racer is a bit more of a daring ride which actually terrified me a bit because of how high you do go. But in terms of Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, they aren’t really my cup of tea shall we say, nor would I spend time queuing for them. But, these are great rides for the kids and I think its brilliant that these rides are here because it gives the younger generation more things to go on.

Much like the Snow White ride, I’m also not a massive fan of Les Voyages de Pinocchio (the Pinocchio ride). It’s basically the same concept of Snow White. A slow mover kart ride. Again for me, just a ride to go on to kill some time other than that it doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t even think we went on this ride on our last trip?

There’s a running theme here that the more child friendly rides are my least favourite rides. A big reason for this also is because I’m a thrill seeker and I absolutely love crazy rides that go so fast and have loops etc. So being a person who loves the ‘big’ rides, it is hard to satisfy me on the easy going rides haha!

Before the Studio Tram Tour was announced to be changing to Cars themed, I have to admit I really didn’t like this ride. When I first went to DLP at the age of 6, I went on this ride and all I remember is being so terrified of the fire and water part and generally thinking I was going to die…bit dramatic but I was 6 so it’s understandable!!! I think if you’re interested in the sets that the tour did, then you would love this ride. And of course, the actual experience and the way the fire and water works is pretty cool, but it just isn’t for me. I find it boring and just something to do to sit down for a few minutes, but even then I’d probably still avoid it and just find a bench instead. I’m really excited that this is being changed and can’t wait to see it Cars themed in the future!

I’d say these are my least favourite rides in DLP. Absolutely no hate at all and if you love these rides then that’s fantastic! But I thought it would be interesting to tell you my least favourite rides and for you to share yours! Let me know in the comments what ride you dislike or avoid going on…

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