Are you thinking about starting a Disney blog?

Like me, there are many Disney bloggers out there! Probably most of us started for roughly the same reason, to talk about and spread around our love for Disney.

I debated starting a blog for years, but I never knew what to do it on or what to talk about. Then, after my last Disneyland Paris trip, as soon as I was home I started to create this blog.

If you’re debating whether to start one then here are a few things which may help you decide and to consider…

Firstly, make sure you know you have the time to do it. If you’re busy 24/7 and rarely get time to sit down and have your own time, then you may find it more of a chore to write a blog post rather than something fun to do; or simply, you may not be able to find time to type one up. So, it’s important to consider what free time you have in life and whether that free time you have, you want spent thinking of a blog post and creating it! If you do have free time, then great! I’m sure the blogging experience will be a success for you.

You need to have an idea of what your blog is going to be about. With Disney, there’s so much you can write about. Whether its everything to do with Disney like mine aka rides, parks, reviews, merch and films. Or you could focus on one thing relating to Disney such as a Disney baking blog or a Disney film review blog. But, think of the idea a lot and ensure that you know you can make it work and continue to have content to write about in the future; a year down the line. Plus, make it an idea you know you will love to talk about because that’s the main point of a blog is it being something that you love to do and enjoy spending your time creating it.

Linking with the overall idea of your blog, before you start try and think of a few blog post ideas so you have post ideas ready to produce to kick-start your blog in the best way possible! Personally, for me, I like to make lists of post ideas in notes on my phone so I can tick them off when I’ve typed one up and doing it on my phone allows me to add an idea wherever I am since my phone is always with me! I think when you start a blog, for me, it’s often on my mind a lot and it comes into my thoughts because I know that I need to think of new ideas to keep it active and grow it. Therefore, I’d say, do me prepared for your mind to sometimes be really active at night when you’re trying to sleep because you need to think of a new post haha!

Your audience is something you need to consider because it will change the way you speak through your blog post. Again, this does depend on the overall idea you have for your blog and if you’re doing it on a specific thing like baking, your terminology will be baking terms and you’ll be a more step by step blogger, compared to me for example, who talks like asif I’m talking to a friend because my posts are more a discussion of Disney things. But, you want to have an idea of the audience you would like to target and how you can adapt your blog to fit their criteria. Even just thinking of the age group is good enough!

Photos are a key element to have for your blog. Sometimes, I do find it hard to find the perfect photo for every blog post and I do think it’s a struggle when I haven’t visited the parks that much and therefore lack photos from the parks. So, do think about what photos you can have to go with your blog posts. Referring back to the Disney baking blog, this would be simple for you because you would simply share a photo of the bake. To help organise the photos, potentially think about creating an album on your phone or laptop which are photos specifically for your blog.

Other social media channels can help your blog grow. I have an Instagram account which goes with the blog, which is a great platform to have within the Disney community. Instagram allows me to share photos of my blog posts, or put a story up letting people know and of course sharing photos with captions explaining my new blog post. Instagram lets you link your blog in your bio so it’s easy to access. However, you could also create a Facebook page, Twitter account or pinterest. Whatever you feel comfortable with! But, it can be a good idea to have at least one other platform to help promote your blog and grow your audience. Plus, it can sometimes help spark some new blog post ideas…

Consistency is something I personally struggle with for my own blog. Sometimes, I can sit here and write up 5 blogs and post them within 2 weeks but then I disappear for a month and have nothing going on. It is hard to stay consistent and to always have the next post ready, but thinking of a schedule of how many times you’d like to post a month, or what days you want to post, can help you be more organised and then it becomes a part of your life routine.

Lastly, not really something to consider or think about but when starting a blog I want you to have fun with it. Some people obviously take it more seriously and it has became a job for them. However, it doesn’t have to turn into a career. You want to enjoy what you’re posting and know that it’s having an affect or offering something to people; giving them a reason to read it. Not every post will be a success and trust me it will take time to get people reading and following but if you stay consistent with it and produce great posts, you will eventually start to get there. For me, I’ve had this blog for over a year now and there has been times where I haven’t posted in ages, but I’m currently at a stage where everyday I will get some people read my blog which to me is a huge success considering how hard I found it to promote it at the beginning. Now, I don’t even post about it on social media and I get people reading it.

It takes time, but enjoy it. Be creative and have fun supplying content for people!

4 thoughts on “Are you thinking about starting a Disney blog?

  1. this sounds like a great idea! excellent points that you touched up on!!! wishing you the best❤️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


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