Black Owned Disney Small Shops and Black Disney Creators – BLM

The world is a crazy place. I struggle to find the right words to approach things in the correct way and without causing any miscommunication or offence. I wanted to create this blog post sharing an Instagram post I found promoting black owned Disney small shops and black Disney creators. I hope this comes across as a positive thing and helping out spread the message of black lives matter.

I will also share some links of petitions you can sign to support black lives matter, all of which I have signed myself. I still need to continue to educate myself more on black history and to this present day. If you have any tips or resources please comment them so I can educate myself correctly.

However, for now I shall post the images from the Instagram post I found in case anyone was interested.

Visit the Instagram post link here –

Thank you to the Instagram account who created this post, I appreciate you taking your time to do this and spread the message.

Petitions for you to sign –

Please, sign these petitions. And any more you may come across in the next few days or in the future that will help support. Black lives matter today, yesterday, tomorrow, every day. Do what you can to help this and understand as much as possible. Help spread the message and share content on social media and in person. Black lives matter.

Thank you.

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