Disney blues and struggling to cope with lockdown restrictions?

So, it’s week 11 currently for me in this whole lockdown situation. I’ve adjusted to it but it’s still very weird and scary. Right now, I’ve just been put on furlough for 3 weeks so now I need to find ways to entertain myself but also, the Disney blues are very much real!

Therefore, I decided to share some ideas of Disney related things I’m going to do or what you may enjoy doing to keep yourself positive, happy, filled with Disney magic and making the best of this awful situation.

Disney+ – I think we can all agree that Disney+ came at the best time for us all. Disney+ is basically Netflix, but everything Disney and all Disney! There’s so many different things you can watch on it, including old school Disney channel, new TV series shows, even fairytale Disney weddings! There’s something on there for everyone and I really recommend even just trying out the free trial to keep yourself entertained for a few days.

Disney baking – As a lover of baking, I find it relaxing and fun to spend some time baking. There’s so many different Disney baking ideas you could try to create and decorate! Even just a simple sponge cake but decorate it with Minnie’s red and white spots. Or if you want to be a bit more creative, try to make the Disney Mickey rice crispy treats, or mickey shaped cookies. There’s so much you can do and since we have more time on our hands now, why not try and challenge yourself 🙂

Holiday plan – Again, since I’m sure a lot of you have plenty of time to kill these days, a good idea could be to start thinking about your next trip to a Disney Park! We all miss it and I bet so many of you are itching to get back. So, why not spend some good quality time thinking about what hotel you’d like to stay in, what characters you’d like to meet, where would you want to eat. Even though you may not actually book the holiday for a while, it could be fun discussing your plan for it!

Shopping – Disney shopping is super fun! I don’t just mean looking at the shopdisney website. There’s so many websites that offer Disney related merch, such as Etsy, Amazon, clothing shops like Boohoo. If you feel like you need a pick me up and want to treat yourself, shopping is always a mood lifter! *disclaimer, completely understand if you are against online shopping right now due to the virus and the cleanliness of items.

Puzzle – Puzzles are brilliant! They take time to do, keep your mind off things and the end result is always a pleasure. There’s plenty of Disney puzzles out there (if they’re back in stock after the mass buying of them at the beginning of lockdown haha!). Or, you could even personalise your own puzzle. It may cost a bit more but it’s super cute to do a puzzle of a photo you took! Just google personalised puzzle and your options of available websites will appear…

Disney Day – This was an idea I got from Brogan Tate who’s a blogger. Herself and her boyfriend decided to have a Disney day. Things they did included, watching a video of the fireworks, playing Disney games, wearing Disney clothing, doing a Disney puzzle. There’s so many things that you could adapt to make it Disney themed and it’s exciting thinking about how you could make a whole day out of Disney things. Other ideas could be, making a meal you love from the Disney parks, Disney karaoke or even dress up as your favourite character!

Karaoke – Mentioned briefly in my point above, Disney karaoke could be such a laugh. We all love Disney songs right, whether that’s the classics or ones from Disney channel. Just go crazy, have a sing song and a dance and let loose! Life’s short, enjoy it…

Drawing – I’m not the best drawer AT ALL. My Disney version of drawing is simply printing out a drawing already made and colouring it in..the easier job haha! But, if you was into arts and drawing, why not try and draw your favourite character or someone else’s favourite character to give them it as a little special keepsake.

YouTube – YouTube is a great way to keep your mind off things and to be glued to the TV/your phone for a good few hours…guilty of this!!!! There’s LOADS of different videos you could watch in regards to Disney. Personally, I love watching vlogs of people in the parks. But you could find some interviews of Disney stars, research about Disney, whatever you fancy, YouTube could have the entertainment for you!

Social media – If you’re a big Disney fan and don’t so already, create your own Disney page! Whether that’s an Instagram account, YouTube, Facebook or even start a blog! Talking about Disney and sharing the magic is such a blessing and keeps life that bit more positive. Plus, the Disney fan community is the sweetest.

There’s a few ideas to keep yourself and whoever else may need this, busy. I hope you’re all keeping safe and everything is okay. It will get better. Stay safe guys!

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