How well do you know Disney? Take my Disney Quiz!

During this lockdown time, myself and Joe have been trying to come up with quizzes for each other and I recently created a Disney one for him! It has 3 sections, colours, films and parks. Ill post the questions with the answers at the end…



  1. What colours are the buttons on Buzz’s outfit?
  2. What colour is Russel from up hat?
  3. What colour are the hair ties in boo’s hair?
  4. What colour is Ednas collar?
  5. What colour is pongo’s collar from 101 Dalmatian?
  6. What colour is disgust from inside out?  
  7. What colour are Dory’s eyes?
  8. What colour car is sally from cars?  
  9. What colour are the incredibles gloves?


  1. What animal is flower from bambi?
  2. How many pirates of the Caribbean films are there?
  3. Who does Tarzan fall in love with?
  4. What is the first song in high school musical 1?
  5. What year did the original lion king come out?
  6. What was the first Disney film to be released?
  7. How many bears are there in brave?
  8. Who voices lightning mcqueen?  


  1. What attraction is opposite the barnstomer?
  2. How many square miles does Walt Disney world resort nearly cover?
  3. Roughly how many cokes are consumed yearly at WDW resort?
  4. When did the monorail begin operating? 
  5. Roughly how many skylines pods are there?
  6. What year did Epcot open?
  7. Out of the 4 main parks at WDW, what park was number 3 to open?
  8. Name 5 restaurants at Disney village? 
  9. Roughly how long does it take to go round it’s a small world?  
  10. Roughly what is the capacity for the Disneyland Paris park per day?  



  1. Blue green red
  2. Yellow
  3. Pink
  4. Pink
  5. Red
  6. Green
  7. Pink/Purple
  8. Blue
  9. Black


  1. Skunk
  2. 5
  3. Jane porter
  4. Start of Something New
  5. 1994
  6. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs 
  7. 3
  8. Owen Wilson


  1. Casey junior splash and soak station or WDW railroad
  2. 39
  3. 75 million
  4. 1 October 1971
  5. More than 300
  6. 1982
  7. Hollywood studios 
  8. List of Disney Village restaurants here:
  9. 12-15 minutes
  10. 55,000

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