10 working from home tips!

A lot of us are currently working from home, some of us who have never really done so before (myself included). At the beginning of working from home which was 3 weeks ago now, I was almost excited to and wanted to settle into a nice routine and be productive, but now 3 weeks later…I’m struggling. My workload is less so maybe that is why but finding motivation to keep going and keep working is really hard. I thought maybe it’s time to think of some tips and share them with you! We’re all in this together!

1 – Open a window
As simple as it is, open a window. We aren’t getting as much fresh air as normal and so it can actually have an affect on your mood because you feel so much more confined inside. Open a window and hear the outside noises, even if that is your neighbours screaming at each other, it’s something new to listen to haha! The fresh air keeps me awake and makes me feel more relaxed.

2 – Have water on your desk
Drinking your recommended daily amount of water is hard, but it feels even harder now I’m stuck at home and not in my usual routine. I keep forgetting to put my bottle of water on my desk and then it will get to lunch time and I’m dying for a drink, so take it from me, keep water near you and in sight so you remember to keep yourself hydrated – it will also help with lack of headaches!

3 – Write down your tasks
When I’m at work and in the office, I seem to easily remember the tasks I need to get done that day or throughout the week. However, being sat alone without my work colleagues around me, I’m finding it easier if I write down what I’m going to do each day, so I can keep on track with my workload. It sets a bit of a structure and you feel good when you can cross off what you’ve achieved that day.

4 – Do some form of exercise
Honestly, my exercise right now is literally just going into the garden, walking down the garden and walk back inside. I’m not doing any exercise so this point is more to also try and make me MOVE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. But, exercise is an essential park to making people feel better. It releases stress and right now, we are all under a lot of stress. If you go out to the supermarket (obviously for essentials), walk there if possible instead of drive (again, staying 2 metres apart, lets follow the rules yeah?), walking with be your bit of exercise for that day. Or, if you don’t want to risk going out, then do a workout at home. Everyone has jumped onto the home workout bandwagon, there is SO much content for you to watch and copy at home. Try your best to move, I know it’s hard, but do something just to keep yourself that little bit healthy and calms you down.

5 – Take breaks
Take time to walk away from your work from home set up. Go see a family member in another room, watch a short YouTube video, go chill in the garden for a few minutes. Take breaks to refresh your mind and to get away from the same position everyday.

6 – Call a family member or friend
In this current situation it’s important to stay in touch with your loved ones. During your lunch break, have a quick call with someone to talk about things other than work. It will probably cheer you up hearing a different voice instead of the same voices in your house. Or if you can, video call someone so you can see them and hear them. It’s important to check up on people, and right now is the time to do it most.

7 – Play music
If you can work with music on or you’re used to hearing music at your workplace, put some on and see if it helps with you staying concentrated. I tried this the other day, I put on some throwback songs and stuck my headphones in my ears and it was probably the most productive hour I’ve had in the past 3 weeks. Even though I did have a bit of dance at my chair, I felt motivated to get shit done.

8 – Don’t like music? Watch a video
If you don’t like to listen to music, then test out watching a video in the background. Having some background noise can make you feel like you’re back at work which could stimulate your brain to feel like you’re in the office – it’s weird how the brain works. Either put some YouTube on or if there a Netflix series you want to watch, gosh there’s even Instagram lives from celebrities constantly atm so tune into one of them, it may help!

9 – Cook for lunch
When I’m at work, I snack about 3 times throughout the day, before and then after my lunch. It isn’t a great habit to have in my life. At work, all I have to use is a microwave so I can’t exactly stand there and cook up a feast. Whereas, at home you have all you need! Make a nice big lunch so that you’re not hungry and just thinking about food constantly during the afternoon. Take the opportunity of having different lunches which you wouldn’t be able to have at work! Plus, cooking will take your mind off work for a while.

10 – Make sure your set up is comfortable
At work you’re used to your set up and the chair you sit in for the majority of your life. At home, I’m currently using the BBQ garden table as my desk. And it works! But, make sure you are comfortable. Get a good chair, try not to slouch too much, wear comfy clothes (I’m looking like a tramp 24/7 and I love it) and try to have yourself at your perfect temperature. If you’re distracted by how hot or cold you are, or how uncomfortable you feel, you aren’t going to be in the mood to do any work.

These are my 10 tips I’ve thought of to help the working from home situation. For a lot of us, we don’t know how long this could continue for, so it’s important to have the best working from home experience possible to help stay positive and happy throughout something so discomforting and worrying.

Stay safe, stay home x

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    1. Thanks! I thought it’s probably a very relevant topic/struggle right now for a lot of people and wanted to see if I could help! Lists are my bestfriend, they’re great aren’t they! I hope you’re doing okay and keeping safe!

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