WDW Prep 28 – Disney after hours and H20 glow nights

Disney after hours event is an event myself and Joe are debating to do one time we go WDW. Personally, I think the only reason why we wouldn’t do it, is because of the late night and then wanting to make sure we can fit everything in the following day. But, we love the idea of being in the park after hours.

The parks that offer after hours is Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Once the gates have closed at these parks, on specific days of the year, you will then be able to experience the parks for 3 hours after closing. They’re a much quieter event as you can probably expect because a lot of kids go to Disney and therefore wouldn’t be up past 1am doing this event, so it’s much more for adults.

With your ticket, you can enter the park at 7pm to get started on your after hours event! The main reason for after hours is to allow you to ride your favourite rides without hardly a wait time (if any wait time at all!). I remember I watched Disney in Detail on YouTube do the Animal Kingdom after hours and her husband was just constantly going on the rides because there wasn’t a wait…seems like a dream come true to me!

Magic Kingdom Rides that are open during after hours include:
– Astro Orbiter
– Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
– Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
– Disney Princess Greetings at Princess Fairytale Hall
– Haunted Mansion
– “it’s a small world”
– Jungle Cruise
– Mickey’s PhilharMagic
– Peter Pan’s Flight
– Pirates of the Caribbean
– Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
– Space Mountain
– Splash Mountain

Animal Kingdom Rides that are open during after hours include:
– Avatar Flight of Passage
– DJ Dance Party
– Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
– It’s Tough to be a Bug!
– Mickey & Minnie Greeting at Adventurers Outpost
– Na’vi River Journey
– Pandora Drummers – Swotu Wayä
– Rivers of Light: We Are One
– Tree of Life Awakenings
– TriceraTop Spin

So as you can see, there are so many rides for you to go on and enjoy! If I’m honest, I’m quite torn as to what park I would want to do the after hours event in…both have great perks in terms of the rides so it’s a tough call atm to decide what one!

Another fantastic thing about the after hours event is that you get snacks included in your ticket price!!!! Selected cart stations will provide you with ice cream, popcorn and beverages to keep you filled up throughout the event! Ice cream at 1am? Don’t mind if I do..

To purchase the tickets and find out prices, you can visit the Disney World website for more information: https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/events-tours/after-hours/
It’s also key to point out that you will need to research into when these events are available for you to take part in. For example, our trip in September doesn’t have the after hours event available so we would have to try and do it another time in the future!

H20 Glow nights is an event held at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. I think I say to every Disney event that I would love to do it, but yes, this is another Disney event that I WOULD LOVE TO DO! I mean seriously, how cool would it be to be at a water park in the dark???

For this event, you can enter the water park 2 hours before closing time at 6pm to start your night off. Then, the event is held between 8pm-11pm. Just like the after hours event, you’ll have access to the water park attractions with much lower wait times!

I think the only thing that would put me off is whether I would get cold. Now I know before you all think I’m crazy, yes I’m aware its in the middle of summer in Florida, it’s boiling all the time, but I get cold easily and for a British person to think about being in water throughout the night…it’s hard to comprehend haha!

Anyway, the event also includes some exclusive features for those event ticket holders. Such as:
– Glow-rious lighting effects and décor throughout the water park
– A DJ dance party on the sandy beaches of the Surf Pool
– Toy Story-themed activities and Character Greetings
– A tempting selection of limited-time, event-themed food and beverage specialties
– An adults-only retreat for Guests 21 and over, featuring live entertainment and a cocktail bar with a bevy of refreshing beverage for purchase
– An oh-so flashin’-able souvenir glow wristband

Considering this is a water park event, there are some guidelines to follow which are pretty standard, well know guidelines, but you can find them over on Disney’s website, along with how to order tickets – https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/events-tours/typhoon-lagoon/h2o-glow-nights/

As I quickly touched on, the H20 glow nights take part throughout Summer, for example in 2020 its running every Wednesday and Saturday night, between the 27th of May to the 29th of August. So, again much like the after hours, this won’t be available to myself and Joe during our September trip, but I would also like to consider a future trip to be in the Summer to at least have the opportunity to attend this event.

Have you ever attended one of these events? Or do you want to? Let me know in the comments!

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