WDW Prep 27 – Dining Reservations

On the 16th of March, myself and Joe made our Disney World dining reservations. To give you some context with this all, currently it’s a very weird situation to have my first WDW holiday booked but not really knowing whether I will now actually be able to go due to the virus. However, we had to stick by the planning rules and still do our reservations incase it is going to go ahead! So, it’s very bitter sweet right now and it’s hard to get excited over it considering it may all be cancelled or rescheduled but the main thing to focus on right now is making sure everyone is well and safe and I know that even if it is rescheduled, we will have our WDW trip one day…

ANYWAY…dining reservations! What an exciting day it was! We didn’t have too many restaurants we wanted to book since we are much more of a go with the flow kind of people and as I’ve mentioned before, me being a fussy eater does mean that normally it’s much easier to find something I’ll eat at a quick service compared to a table service meal.

However, the first thing we wanted to book was Be Our Guest. This is my top restaurant I want to go to so it was our priority to try to get it first thing! And Joe got it!!! It feels even more magical because we have it booked before park opening on our first full day…how perfect is that?!?!? Oh I can’t wait. I’m going to be filled with so many emotions considering it will be my first time in Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle etc, but now to also be able to have Be Our Guest breakfast puts the cherry on the top for me!

We then booked Oga’s Cantina because obviously Joe being a huge Star Wars fan, he has to visit here! We’ve booked that for 6pm so we can have a few (probably 1 drink considering the price haha) drinks to finish off the day nicely. Joe’s super excited to go here and he can’t wait to try some of the drinks!

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater was also high on my list of restaurants I defo wanted to go to. Even though we don’t particularly think we needed to book this one 180 days in advance, we thought it’s best to so we know we can defo go there. I wanted to do this restaurant as dinner purely because the inside of Sci-Fi is dark and so I feel like coming out afterwards to see Hollywood Studios all lit up in the dark will complete the mood perfectly…

Those 3 places are the only places we have booked as of yet. We have restaurants in our mind that we want to go to and hopefully we can either book on the day or walk in and wait for a bit, but we’ve found that by booking 180 days in advance, it makes the planning of the 2 weeks more complicated since it already has some kind of structure. So we thought, lets hold off and maybe see what’s available closer to the time, potentially once we have our fast passes booked then we will have a official idea of what day we are doing what!

The booking system was super easy and Joe had the dining reservations I think within 2 minutes?!?! Whether it’s because we are going at a quieter time, but it was straight forward and we have no complications! The thing I really like about the reservations is that as soon as they’re booked, they appear on your My Disney Experience app on ‘My Plans’. So, I could see afterwards when it was booked for considering Joe did it without me being able to be with him in person.

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