WDW Prep 26 – Magic Hours to the parks

Magic hours are a fantastic way for you to get into the parks when they’re a tad quieter to do what you want and see what you want.

For a brief description of the magic hours, Disney’s website says:

Each day, Guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels have the opportunity to enjoy select attractions in at least one of our 4 theme parks, before or after regular operating hours. To see when and where the Extra Magic Hours benefit is offered, view today’s park hours or consult the printed Times Guide, available at the Disney Resort hotel Front Desk.

It’s a good idea to take up the magic hours opportunity to ensure you get on the rides you want to and avoid disappointment of the queue being too long. Before your trip, it is important to go through the calendar of WDW to see what parks have magic hours when. I know some people may not want to plan too far in advance, but having an idea of when you can use the magic hours can be quite essential in achieving the best success you can get of riding those attractions!

Myself and Joe have put the park opening times on our spreadsheet so we were easily able to work out what day to visit what park.

It’s worth noting that not all attractions will be open during the magic hours (most of them are, including the main rides) but do look on Disney’s website to figure out what rides you can do during the hours. The rides available can change so do keep an eye on this! Obviously, within the magic hours you won’t be able to ride every single attraction available, but it gives you the head start of the attractions that have queues for hours; like Flight of Passage!!

I’m not saying you have to use every magic hour chance you get. Myself and Joe will not be doing this because we are going to need a break and to take it slow a few days, you don’t want to overdo it with trying to also be the first ones or last ones in the park.

Not everyone will be bothered about using these hours, they’re more here for the people who are aiming to get into the parks when there’s less people or for people who are determined to ride their favourite ride. I think it was a brilliant idea for Disney to introduce these hours, and it gives the people who are staying in a Disney hotel, a more feel of a VIP experience since they are able to enter or leave the park first/last!

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