WDW Prep 25 – Epcot Food and Wine Festival

This festival is going to be for the people who like their food and like to try whatever they can get hold of! Personally, being a fussy eater, I won’t be going round trying loads of different things, but Joe, I think he will be up for having a good old taste around Epcot!

The dates for the Food and Wine Festival haven’t came out yet, but it is normally around the end of August to November. So, just like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I will be at WDW while this festival is on.

The festival includes over 30 marketplace booths with a huge range of different types of foods to try! Therefore, with all these different booths to go to, you won’t be bored or short of different things to try. Although, it isn’t just the food you can try, there will also be drinks! So, if you prefer to taste drinks compared to food, you can also get involved with the festival.

This festival is probably more aimed towards the adults because they’re more willing to try new foods and won’t waste it if they don’t like it, whereas typically kids (or me) are more fussy and therefore it isn’t worth spending the money on the items.

Not only does the festival involve lots of food, the festival also creates a lot of new merchandise. People go crazy for new merchandise and they love to get the latest, new products, so of course Disney will take people up on this and introduce some new lines to the festival.

When attending this festival, you will need to be prepared to spend a fair bit of money. Tapas sized portions may cost between $3-$8. Some items you may be able to share with someone else instead of spending out for 2 things, this will obviously keep the price down, but if you want to walk around and try a fair few things, the price will eventually build up. Therefore, i’d say maybe you could set aside a budget for the day so you don’t go too crazy, or maybe even have a cheaper food day the day before or after just to make you feel better for the amount you could spend at the festival.

More information on the festival will be soon coming, but you can always find information from previous years to see whether you will be interested in going to Epcot for the festival!

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